NewsPro Theme is Updated

NewsPro V2.6 is recently released. The updated theme has some new features including but not limited to comment threading and pagination.

The previous release of NewsPro had only 5 style files which is increased to 8 with the new release. Also all style files are optimized to increase the performance of site that it is running on.

One of other major change in NewsPro was to add a translation file separetlely which makes it very easy to translate the theme into other languages.

You can see all features on this page.

NewsPro Theme is Updated

It is now almost 3 months since we announced the release of our NewsPaper style WordPress theme.To be able to provide a fresh look for NewsPro theme users, we have improved the layout of template. Also the coding structure of style.css is updated (a major updat) to make modification a lot easier for theme developers. The new release is going to come with three different color schemes (Default,Green, Red). You’ll find a guide in the downloaded folder about how to switch between of different color schemes (It is matter of renaming a file only).

If you have purchased NewsPro theme before, you may proceed to download it by provided download link. If your link has been expired, please contact with us by submitting this form.

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