WordPress 3.9 Features – Better Media, Playlists, and Experience

WordPress 3.9 is finally here! With changes to the image, audio & video galleries, widget & theme previews, and image editing, it truly is closing the gap between your vision and your content.

Post Editing

WordPress has finally implemented some over-due changes to the visual editor. They’ve revamped formatted-text pasting, allowed for image drag & drop, added video & audio galleries, and let you resize images right in the editor!

  • Copy & Paste directly from Microsoft Word without messing up your content
  • Drag & Drop images directly into the editor
  • ScaleĀ images in the editor
  • Crop & Rotate images easily
  • Add Video & Audio playlists
  • Preview image galleries in editor

Theme Preview

In an effort to save users from constantly refreshing pages to see how themes and widgets appear live, WordPress has updated the Theme Preview tool to allow users to add widgets and see them appear.

No more guessing if your contact widget would look better on top of your recent posts!

Theme Browser

Finding that perfect free WordPress Theme has just gotten easier! With a revamped Theme Browser, you can sort and preview themes much more easily.


As usual, we highly recommend backing up your website before installing new versions of WordPress. All our themes are compatible with the latest version, and we’re quite excited to use these new WordPress 3.9 features.

What’s your favorite feature of WordPress 3.9?

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