The Importance of User Feedback

It is sometimes hard to replace a theme that is quite popular among users with a new one. From a client-customer relationship perspective, it can be potentially suicidal, especially if the replacement theme fails to garner the same amount of popularity as its original does. Smart move while updating an old theme is to come up with its enhanced versions without altering its core concept. Perhaps, now you realize why the third version of WPShowcase theme has been released, the same which you could find out yourself from the layout of Newspro and Suvi Magazine themes. Clearly, the layout is better when compared to its earlier editions.

While designing a new theme, or updating an existing one, we generally fall back on the communications we had with our clients, and take into account their valuable feedback in different aspects of the business. Here is a short road map of how WP Advanced Newspaper had 3 different editions in such a very short time.

Together with our latest theme, WP Advanced Newspaper theme, we have decided to do something different and ask user feedback for the layout and functionality. What we did was basically first to provide it for our WordPress Newspaper theme users only, and ask for their opinions. We must admit that garnering user feedbacks helped us a lot in enhancing the functionality of the theme, and fix any existing bugs in the first version, by the time the second version was released. This time, the new theme was open to be downloaded not just by our old clients, but also new people who are interested in a change.

We are really happy to see a lot appreciated clients around. Following the second release, we again received lots of feedback from our users, the majority of which were related to featured post slider. We considered all these aspects when we worked on a third edition, the one that was released recently.

It has been a great challenge for us so far, to listen to all our clients and incorporate the changes they suggested on the themes we release. However, this is the way we are going to work in the future, and is looking forward to associate ourselves with more users in the future.

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