Tie the Knot with a Wedding WordPress Theme

Over the past few years, I have probably been asked a dozen or more times by friends and family to create a WordPress wedding website for the lucky bride and groom. In fact, just this year, I have attended six weddings in some amazing locations around the world. So it’s really fitting that our newest theme is a WordPress wedding theme.

And we did our research before developing this beautiful piece of work by ensuring we touched on the most important aspects of a wedding site.

Telling Your Story

Let’s face it – the bride and groom’s story is always a fascinating tidbit. It’s one of the most interesting points of discussion before, during, and after the wedding. So we’ve made it easy to tell your story to the world by eliminating all the noise packaged in standard themes. From the proposal to the engagement to the big day, just focus on your story and let our wedding theme do the rest.

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