5 Backup Solutions for WordPress

The last thing you want is a DDoS attack or hosting failure on your site that causes you to lose everything. All the content, images, videos, and design gone forever. That’s a lot of time and money wasted. Instead of taking the risk, consider using one of these five backup solutions for WordPress.

1. BackupBuddy


Set it and forget it is how BackupBuddy works. iThemes created this backup solution for WordPress to help people who are busy. All you have to do is set up the schedule for when you want it to back up your site. Many people choose Fridays to schedule the backup because then everything that has happened throughout the week will be saved. Other people like to schedule a backup more frequently such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The number of times you choose to back up your site depends on how often it’s updated with new information. When BackupBuddy does back up the data on your site, it will store it on Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud, an FTP server, or send it to your email.

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