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Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme
Newspaper and Magazine design – it’s what we are good at. We are aware that many of you were waiting for our newest magazine theme release and today is the day we deliver. Since the launch of our latest theme and framework, Bootstart, we are now able to bring you more feature-packed themes, faster.

Stylebook  – another Twitter Bootstrap theme – is a responsive WordPress Newspaper and Magazine theme that’s worth the wait. Read on below for some extra details about Stylebook.

Multi-Category Featured Slider

featuredPatterns was our first magazine theme to come with a unique collage instead of a slider on the front page. Now, we’ve taken our design to the next level with the Featured Collage Slider in Stylebook.

The featured slider supports multiple categories and displays a collage of latest entries per selected category/tag or custom field.

News Ticker

news-tickerSatisfying multiple requests from early users, we’ve added a news ticker below the site navigation that can display the latest posts – or – posts of a specific category or tag. It’s the perfect section for breaking news.

Smart Navigation

You can take advantage of Smart Navigation designed not only to provide easy navigation across your site, but also to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. The Smart Navigation is a two-dimensional panel divided into sub-navigation items and the most recent entries within that topic.

Responsive Carousel

carouselIn the past, many of you have enjoyed the ability to use a carousel to display posts. In Stylebook, we’ve included a neat responsive carousel that will work with even the smallest mobile browser.

9 Category Page Templates

We know that you love having the ability to display different layouts for each category page. With Stylebook, you have ability to have a front page feeling, even within category pages, using the Magazine style category layout or display a category template with a slider at top.

These are not the only category templates that we have prepared for you. Stylebook is packed with 9 awesome category layouts.

4 Post Templates

As with all of our themes, Stylebook comes with custom post layouts. We were surprised to find that this is a very unique feature not found in many themes.  Stylebook includes 4 custom post layouts.

Much, Much More…

Stylebook comes packed with so many other features that you’ll need to explore it yourself to fully grasp it. After you inspect it thoroughly, let us know what you think in the comments below – or ask us anything!

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