How to Install WordPress

If you have already secured a domain name and hosting, then you are now ready to install WordPress. There are thousands of tutorials on the web that will help you to do exactly this. However, we have taken the time to provide the following tutorials for your quick reference.

One-Click Install from Hosting Control Panel

Almost all large hosting providers offer One-Click Installation of WordPress directly from your control panel. Please login to your hosting control panel and look for the section titled (varies based on host):

  • Software or
  • Fantastico or
  • One-Click Installs

From there, you will be able to easily install WordPress.
Here are a few video tutorials for popular hosting providers:

HostGator QuickInstallVideo Tutorial

DreamHost One-Click InstallVideo Tutorial

Manual Installation of WordPress Codex has an excellent write-up on how to install WordPress. Please refer to these detailed instructions for assistance.

The five steps to install WordPress…

First, we’ll download the latest version of WordPress from
Then, we’ll upload those files to our web server, using FTP.
Third, we’ll create a MySQL database and username + password for WordPress.
Then, we’ll need to configure WordPress (wpconfig.php) to connect to our newly-created database,
And lastly, complete the installation and setup our new website.