Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin

If you’re looking for a Twitter Feed plugin, look no further. The Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin is now available on the WordPress plugin repository, and it’s completely FREE.

Since several users and clients requested that we provide a stand-alone version of the Twitter widget that is found in our Gabfire Widget Pack plugin, we decided it was worthwhile. Given Twitter seems to update its API more frequently, you can rest assured that the Gabfire team will maintain this plugin. After all, that’s why you rely on us.

Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin

What’s Inside the Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin?

The Gabfire Twitter Feed plugin allows you to configure the following options:

  1. Retrieve tweets based on your @username or #hashtag
  2. Display a profile photo next to the tweet
  3. Number of tweets to display

Gabfire Twitter Feed Widget

Worth noting is that this plugin will work on any theme (not just a Gabfire Theme). If you’d like to see other options added to this plugin in the future, simply request them on the support forum or tell us in the comments below. We’ll do our best to accommodate reasonable requests.

Twitter API Keys

Twitter requires the use of unique keys to use their API service. Visit your Twitter Apps page to create a Twitter application and secret keys. You can find this information by logging into your user account and setting up a new App. Then, navigate to the API Keys tab, and retrieve the corresponding keys. See the screenshot below.

Twitter API SettingsSimply enter the keys shown in the highlighted fields and your Twitter widget will work perfectly.

The Twitter Widget Output

Gabfire Twitter Widget OutputThe widget is intentionally minimalistic so it will blend in with your existing site by inheriting its style. However, if you wish to customize the widget output, you can use the following classes in your CSS file to target the appropriate elements:

  • widget_gabfire-tweets-widget  (widget container)
  • gabfire-tweets  (unordered list / ul element)
  • all tweets are wrapped in <li> items

If you get stuck or need help, simply ask on our support forum and we’ll be happy to assist. Here’s what the output looks like on the default Twenty Thirteen theme:

Where Can I Get This Plugin?

Similar to any other WordPress plugin, you can grab the Gabfire Twitter Feed plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository. If you like it, please provide a review and give it a 5-star rating on the plugin repository. If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below.

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