We are Ready for WordPress 2.8

Well, the moment that everyone has been waiting for is finally here! WordPress 2.8 has been released and with the new version of the most popular online content management system now in play, there are plenty of new features for the avid WordPress enthusiast to explore.

That having been said, some might see a cautionary tale to this measure since a lot of the WordPress themes that we have on our Gabfire Themes website were created when different and earlier versions of WordPress are the norm. Anyone that has been around the internet for any length of time has learned to be cautious about keeping their current setup through upgrades and we understand that you might therefore be nervous about what the release of WordPress 2.8 means for the WP themes on this Gabfire Themes website.

We were aware well in advance of the impending release of WordPress 2.8 and because of that we set our crack staff to work pouring over our different WordPress themes and WP templates cross referencing the information they got from those investigations with the new list of coding changes and feature introductions that WordPress 2.8 has.

As a result, we are happy to announce that all of the WordPress themes that are available on this Gabfire Themes website are compatible with the WordPress 2.8. That means that regardless of which of the WP themes from our website you pulled, you will be able to use the theme that you got from us with the newest version of WordPress 2.8.

With that in mind, feel free to update your WordPress to version 2.8 and enjoy the most advanced WordPress yet while keeping our WP theme that you know and love.

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