Content Curation and Idea Generation Tools for Journalists and News Publishers

Content marketing improves brand awareness. It costs 62 percent less and generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing. There’s no doubt that every business owner should be using this form of promotion.

Once you have your website live, it’s time to start content marketing. Don’t become overwhelmed. You don’t have to produce multiple blog posts a day to get your content marketing off to a great start. Content curation can help you get going with content marketing as you publish blog posts to your site. In fact, many marketers recommend using curation 80% of the time and original content 20%.In this blog post you will learn about content curation and idea generation tools for journalists and news publishers.

What Is Content Curation?

Curation is taking articles, blog posts, images, and videos and sharing them with your followers. Before you think this doesn’t do you any good, it does. You are providing your followers with the information they need and want. The authors of the content you share are also happy because you just promoted their content. Everyone wins.

Since you should share more curated content, you’ll need to use some tools to find the best articles, videos, and images. The following are some of the most popular ones marketers use.


This tool is a great one. Choose topics your followers will enjoy, select the types of content you want collected such as blog posts, images, videos, etc., and then sit back. You’ll soon have a lot of information to share on your social networks.


This is a lot like, but it allows you to add your own sites to it. That way you can stay up to date on what your favorite blogs are posting and share the posts with your audience. People can start to turn to you for news in your industry because you have the latest information posting to your social network. users can input keywords and the tool will find content related to them. It uses Twitter and Google blogs to find articles. You can review them and then share the ones you think others will enjoy.


Echo is used by Forbes. You’ll love how it finds the most engaging stories online in real time. You can then share it on your social networks easily and quickly.


The name says it all. You’ll be able to browse 100,000 plus sources for articles, videos, and images and then trap the ones you want to share. You can organize your traps, so you can find the content you want to share easily. The recommendations feature is usually spot on, so don’t ignore it.

Post Planner

Post Planner only works for Facebook, but it’s effective when trying to increase engagement. The tool predicts which links, photos, and articles will go viral. This tool has a free trial, and once that expires, you’ll need to pay up to $79 per month to continue using it. Most people find that the results are worth the cost.


When you want to curate videos, this is the tool for you. Waywire helps you find videos your audience will enjoy and then it helps you share it on your social networks in an engaging way.

Idea Generation Tools

While curating is a good idea, you still need to publish original content. The following tools will help you think of ideas for content.

Google Keyword Planner

Your consumers are using Google’s search engine. Find out what they are searching for by typing some keywords in the Google Keyword Planner. It will give you suggestions for topics, and then you can start writing.


People want answers when they turn to the Internet. Quora invites those people to ask their questions, so others can answer them. You can research what your audience is asking, so you can answer the questions on your blog.

Google Trends

Find out what people are searching for today by using Google Trends. The site will give you a list of all the popular search terms. You can use those terms as topics and write about them.


Portent has a content idea generator that goes above and beyond. You type in keywords, and it provides titles and tips on how to write the content.

With these tools, you’ll be a pro at content marketing. Try out a few of them to find out which ones you like best. Before you know it, you’ll have tons of content to market, which will make improving your brand awareness and bringing in more leads much easier.

3 Responses to "Content Curation and Idea Generation Tools for Journalists and News Publishers"

  1. Grumpy Elder (@Grumpyelder)   July 30, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    On Grumpy Opinions, ( Blog News theme) we post 5 to 10 original blogs and link 15 to 20 articles from other sites daily,,

    I’ve found WordPress plugin called My Curator is huge help.. I use the paid version, for 10 bucks a month it saves me three hours a day

    I’ve tried some of the sourcing tools suggested here and prefer My Curator..

    Another handy tool is Paper Li.. a free Twitter Based tool that harvests the links, a selected list of your twitter followers are tweeting about, Then it publishes them in a news paper type format with thumbnails, excerpts and links once a day…On any given morning mine presents me with about 200 links,,

    The My Curator can be used to harvest links from Twitter, while the set up looks fairly simple.. not so sure how easy it would be to integrate into an existing new site

    Maybe at some point Gabfire will will figure out a theme that allows us to easily publish curated twitter excerpts in some categories while reserving other categories for original content

    • Yanko Georgiev   July 30, 2014 at 12:52 PM

      Hi Grumpy Elder :), thank you for the awesome comments and suggestions.Paper Li is indeed a great tool that I also like to use

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