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Designing and developing great themes is a fun process but nothing happens exactly as planned. Our initial vision of a theme inevitably evolves into something very different by the time its complete. Luckily, it always looks better than what we had in mind. This is exactly how our newest theme – City Desk – came to fruition.

Wish you had an all-in-one newspaper theme? That’s the thought process behind this extremely powerful. option-filled theme. When we started to design City Desk, we didn’t want to create just another newspaper theme. Instead, we chose to focus on the following:

  • Leverage the power of WordPress to build a truly unique magazine / newspaper theme
  • Implement features typically found only on sites with large budgets and staff
  • Give users options to creatively display their news site

Some of the sleek features incorporated are due to our great community. Many members shared their expectations from a magazine theme and we went to work based on valuable input. The end-result is City Desk – an all-in-one WordPress newspaper theme.

Category Layouts

Blog layouts are boring! The big players in the online news world have different layouts for categories, and now you can too. We have redefined the concept of inner page layouts with City Desk. You don’t have to display all your categories/tags/author pages in the classic blog format anymore. You have the option to use the unique magazine style to give each category a magazine / front page layout.

In addition to that, we have included a 2 columns and a multimedia gallery category templates as well. From the theme control panel, you can define any category to be displayed using any of these layouts.

Smart Navigation

Want more than just basic drop-down navigation menus from a premium theme? Well, we spent a good amount of time discussing this with some of our most active users and even revising it several times during the development phase. Now you can take advantage of Smart Navigation designed not only to provide easy navigation across your site, but also to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. The Smart Navigation is a two-dimensional panel divided into sub-navigation items and the most recent entries within that topic.

Featured Slider

Some of our users wanted to take advantage of large photos to showcase their articles, whereas others preferred a more conservative use of the featured area. We listened. With one click on the theme control panel, you can swap the large featured slider with an equally effective slider of a smaller size. You decide – no coding required!

Post Templates

If a beautiful front-page isn’t enough, and multiple category layouts haven’t got you convinced, then how about the ability to choose from two different post layouts? City Desk allows you to switch between two types of post layouts by simply adding a tag to the post. You can even decide what tag to use as the trigger to display posts with a Big-Picture layout which has a built-in function that will automatically retrieve all the photos in a post and display them neatly along with their captions. See examples below:


While our demo shows one header type, City Desk actually has five (5) header types. You can choose between the following:

  1. Entry + Logo + Entry (as shown in demo)
  2. Ad – Logo – Ad
  3. Logo – Ad
  4. Full-width Logo
  5. Logo + Entry + Entry + Entry

Simply select the header type you want from the theme’s control panel. Easy – no coding required.

Contribute and Author Badge

Running a news site requires content no matter where it comes from. We have taken into consideration that having your visitors involved in writing or submitting articles is a great way to create more engagement between your site and visitors. To make that easier for both parties, we designed a simple Sign Up and Contribute pop-up window along with a neat Author Badge widget. Both the Contribute and Author Badge widgets are optional and can be turned off with a single click on the theme options panel.


Got writers? The Gabfire community requested that columnists be recognized in a separate area on the front page. After all, credit should be given to your writers for their contributions. In that regard, we implemented a slider which is configurable to display a post of selected author(s) or standard entries.

Media Gallery Module

As a standard Gabfire Themes feature, we have implemented our awesome media gallery module into City Desk too. You can post any media entries under multimedia custom post type and the theme will handle the rest.

Wish you had an all-in-one newspaper theme? City Desk is your answer. Competing with large online publishers privy to large budgets and staff is tough, so let City Desk give you the same website features and advantages. For less than the cost of a round of drinks, you can have a professional news or magazine site in no time.

See City Desk in action or purchase your copy today..

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