Capacity for Business, Agency or Portfolio sites

We’ve gone back to the drawing board twice while developing the Capacity theme. Largely because I’m a stickler for details, but more so because we’ve built dozens of sites for clients who had all sorts of strange requirements. Releasing a theme that didn’t cover most of their needs would only require more work after-the-fact. Therefore, the idea behind the Capacity theme was to ensure it was flexible enough to use for various purposes:

  • Portfolio theme
  • Business or Agency
  • Personal blog

When you’ve worked with as many clients as we have, one thing is always constant – they never have the same needs nor do they use WordPress in the same manner. Some develop their sites solely based on pages, whereas others prefer using posts and categories. Some prefer the minimal and straight-forward¬† approach to their site, whereas others prefer to capture everything under the sun.

Whatever your style or preference, we were thinking about it while building Capacity. Here are a few of the neat features baked into this versatile theme:

Category Layouts

In case you were bored with your archives, did you know that Capacity has several category layouts available. You can choose from the traditional vertical list, 2-columns, 3-columsn, and even 4-columns. The feedback we’ve received from our community regarding the category layouts has been great. Without question, this feature was integrated into Capacity. Go diversify those category pages!

Header Styles

As we recently started to implement into our themes, Capacity is equipped with multiple header layouts. Which one you choose is entirely up to you – but luckily, it only requires one click. With 4 different header styles, you don’t need to customize anything further. Check out the video below for a quick demostration of the header layouts.

Custom Testimonials

Via a new custom post type, you can set up testimonials to be displayed on the homepage based. Don’t need it – just turn it off with 1-click on the theme options panel.

Use Pages or Category Posts

Use whatever you want – Pages/Posts – throughout the home page – yes, including the featured slider as well as other content areas. Every section of the front page has the ability to display posts of a selected category or a static page. This is a neat feature that helps navigate your visitors to the content you want them to see without having to re-think your taxonomy structure. It also helps if you plan on using the theme in a different capacity. Want to turn it into a business or even a magazine theme? It’s widgetized and ready to handle it.

Media Gallery Module

As a standard Gabfire Themes feature, we have implemented our awesome media gallery module into Capacity. This is the same one you’ve seen in our newspaper and magazine themes. You can post any media entries under multimedia custom post type and the theme will handle the rest.

Ger your copy of Capacity. It’s packed with plenty of options to meet your needs.

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