Suvi Theme is Updated

This is the second theme update in this month and this update comes with a re-structured layout of Suvi Magazine.

The template is now enabled with the new commenting features of WordPress 2.7 but meanwhile, the earlier WordPress versions are also supported. Suvi magazine works fine from WP 2.5 to the latest WordPress version.

Another change is for those who are intended to translate template into other languages. With the next included translation file, it is very easy to translate theme into any language. Also we have extra and much more professional styles as well as completely re-structured main page.

NewsPro Theme is Updated

NewsPro V2.6 is recently released. The updated theme has some new features including but not limited to comment threading and pagination.

The previous release of NewsPro had only 5 style files which is increased to 8 with the new release. Also all style files are optimized to increase the performance of site that it is running on.

One of other major change in NewsPro was to add a translation file separetlely which makes it very easy to translate the theme into other languages.

You can see all features on this page.

How to Check Category and Page ID’s

One of the major change of WordPress 2.5 was to remove the IDs on all admin pages. The reason of removing ID’s from admin pages was probably due to the fact that the common user don’t need them but since our templates are magazine/news style where we do have multiple loops on main pages, we will need to check category ID’s in order to set our templates.

Check Category ID


If your browser shows the URL in the status bar, you can see the ID number when you mouse over the category link. If the status bar is disabled, you can activate it by checking the Status bar choice under View on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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GabfireThemes are Ready for WordPress 2.7

The latest version of WordPress is just installed to all demo themes and there have been no problem during the update process. So you may proceed to upgrade your WordPress version.

The new version has a lot of new features including a brand new admin layout which is aimed to speed up any task you do on your blog. Also it is probably going to be your latest theme update since built in functions are going to handle further theme updates from now on.

Probably coolest changes that comes with WordPress 2.7 is the new comment threading and pagination features. Our themes are currently being updated to include new comment features