Buy 1 Get 5 Themes

This offer is available from 21 to 26 August 23:59 (GMT +2) and will not be either backdate to previous purchases or extend past the 26 Aug.

Its been a while since our last campaign, and we have decided to come up with something new where we are going to offer an extreme deal that comes once in a life time.


Yes, it is right. This time we are going to give five themes for the price of one. You can basically buy any of our theme, and get any 4 themes of your choice completely free.

How it works. After placing an order, you will receive a download link for the ordered theme. We will need you to reply on that email along with the name of themes you would like to get for free. We will immediately send you download links for the themes that you have selected as soon as we receive your email.

Advanced Newspaper V1.2 released

We have been working on the new version of Advanced Newspaper for the past month. Before proceeding for the theme update, we listened the everyone’s suggestions and prepared a road map for our self what features to be added into the new version.

  • A new designed theme settings page
  • Possibility to switch between image and text based logos using theme settings page
  • New navigation bar on header for pages
  • Commented CSS files to make things easier for customization
  • 7 extra page layout for static pages
  • Socialize buttons
  • Category and Tags links on post page
  • Re-designed comment style

We are Ready for WordPress 2.8

Well, the moment that everyone has been waiting for is finally here! WordPress 2.8 has been released and with the new version of the most popular online content management system now in play, there are plenty of new features for the avid WordPress enthusiast to explore.

That having been said, some might see a cautionary tale to this measure since a lot of the WordPress themes that we have on our Gabfire Themes website were created when different and earlier versions of WordPress are the norm. Anyone that has been around the internet for any length of time has learned to be cautious about keeping their current setup through upgrades and we understand that you might therefore be nervous about what the release of WordPress 2.8 means for the WP themes on this Gabfire Themes website.

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The Importance of User Feedback

It is sometimes hard to replace a theme that is quite popular among users with a new one. From a client-customer relationship perspective, it can be potentially suicidal, especially if the replacement theme fails to garner the same amount of popularity as its original does. Smart move while updating an old theme is to come up with its enhanced versions without altering its core concept. Perhaps, now you realize why the third version of WPShowcase theme has been released, the same which you could find out yourself from the layout of Newspro and Suvi Magazine themes. Clearly, the layout is better when compared to its earlier editions.

While designing a new theme, or updating an existing one, we generally fall back on the communications we had with our clients, and take into account their valuable feedback in different aspects of the business. Here is a short road map of how WP Advanced Newspaper had 3 different editions in such a very short time.

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