BootStart – a Bootstrap Theme Framework

The WordPress starter theme built on Twitter BootStrap.

BootStart – a Twitter Bootstrap theme – is an intentionally minimalistic yet feature-rich WordPress theme loaded with dozens of options to customize your site. It’s designed to be used as a starter theme or on a per-project basis. Unlike framework themes that include the entire kitchen sink of bloat, we’ve made BootStart lean and easy to to use.


Responsive Layout

Using responsive design, BootStart seamlessly scales to fit browser windows, tablets, mobile phones (in landscape and portrait). Experiment with its many post and page layouts to see all the possibilities.

BootStart Framework

Call it a framework or a starter theme because it fits right in the middle – a balance between the must-have options and templates, and extensibility. We’re so confident in BootStart as a foundation for projects that we’re using it as a starting point for future Gabfire themes.

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Sale! 40% Off All Themes for Gabfire’s 5th Birthday

Wow, we can barely believe Gabfire is 5 years old! It’s been an amazing journey to work on some of the coolest themes on the web, but it’s been an even greater experience to build such a great community, we really wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys! This special would have been live a week or so ago, but the team’s been busy getting smashed in different corners of the world.

We’ve accomplished a lot together, and really appreciate the love that you guys have shown us. This week-long theme special is our way of saying thanks for choosing Gabfire throughout all these years.

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WordPress 3.6 Released

As of August 1st, 2013, WordPress 3.6 has landed on our dashboards!

The new release, named ‘Oscar’, features a powerful new autosave, post revisions, and a new post-locking system. We covered the details of the features earlier this week.

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WordPress 3.6 is Almost Here

We all love new stuff. New car, new phone, new game, new music, and now, new WordPress!

For a while, the hype surrounding the new WordPress release focused on talks of a new Post Formats UI, but as the days grew shorter, WordPress announced that this feature would be released as a plugin instead. Though the feature won’t be integrated into the core at this time, the core team aims to add it directly to the platform in a later update (so don’t worry!).

What’s Coming

Even without the Post Formats UI upgrade, there are plenty of other features that improve the performance and overall handling of WordPress. We’ve tested the release candidate and are pleased with the additional benefits that WordPress 3.6 adds to the experience.

  • New 2013 Default Theme
  • Improved Autosaving
  • New Custom Menu Creation
  • Post Locking
  • Retooled Video and Audio Embeds

Yeah, we’re excited too.

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