WordPress 3.6 is Almost Here

We all love new stuff. New car, new phone, new game, new music, and now, new WordPress!

For a while, the hype surrounding the new WordPress release focused on talks of a new Post Formats UI, but as the days grew shorter, WordPress announced that this feature would be released as a plugin instead. Though the feature won’t be integrated into the core at this time, the core team aims to add it directly to the platform in a later update (so don’t worry!).

What’s Coming

Even without the Post Formats UI upgrade, there are plenty of other features that improve the performance and overall handling of WordPress. We’ve tested the release candidate and are pleased with the additional benefits that WordPress 3.6 adds to the experience.

  • New 2013 Default Theme
  • Improved Autosaving
  • New Custom Menu Creation
  • Post Locking
  • Retooled Video and Audio Embeds

Yeah, we’re excited too.

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