How to Redirect WordPress RSS Feed to Feedburner without a Plugin

FeedBurner is a Google owned service that provides RSS traffic analysis and an optional advertising system to online writers. The extra features that FeedBurner offers make it very attractive to WordPress users and many bloggers use the service to power their site feed so that their visitors can subscribe easily.

How to Redirect WordPress RSS Feed

There are a few plugins and .htaccess methods to redirect the default WordPress feed URL to Feedburner, but if you’re looking for a way to redirect your feed with a simple WordPress function, copy the code below and paste it into the functions.php file of your theme.

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Stockholm Magazine – Balance and Simplicity of the Design

Stockholm is the latest photo magazine theme designed by our modest teammate Ceyhun. Even though Ceyhun joined our team back in mid-2011, he has worked on significantly improving our back-end and framework. A few months ago he shared a first draft of a photography-inspired theme and we immediately fell in love with the balance and simplicity of the design. We made it a priority to to implement the design and code into our framework so that it would be ready immediately.

When this theme was revealed, we decided Stockholm was the the perfect name for it’s light and dark personality. There are not many places in the world where darkness occurs for 24 hours or the sun never sets depending on the time of the year. This theme, and its name, is inspired by the beautiful Swedish capital. Stockholm offers an unique and balanced layout for a magazine or photography theme. The contrast is perfect for showcasing high-quality images.

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City Desk – All in One WordPress Newspaper Theme

Designing and developing great themes is a fun process but nothing happens exactly as planned. Our initial vision of a theme inevitably evolves into something very different by the time its complete. Luckily, it always looks better than what we had in mind. This is exactly how our newest theme – City Desk – came to fruition.

Wish you had an all-in-one newspaper theme? That’s the thought process behind this extremely powerful. option-filled theme. When we started to design City Desk, we didn’t want to create just another newspaper theme. Instead, we chose to focus on the following:

  • Leverage the power of WordPress to build a truly unique magazine / newspaper theme
  • Implement features typically found only on sites with large budgets and staff
  • Give users options to creatively display their news site

Some of the sleek features incorporated are due to our great community. Many members shared their expectations from a magazine theme and we went to work based on valuable input. The end-result is City Desk – an all-in-one WordPress newspaper theme.

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