10 Website Analytics Tools Every Publisher Should Use

Online marketing is important to the success of your business. Your marketing efforts have to be effective though. To know if they are, you need to analyze what is happening every time you share your site and its content with other websites and on social media. Since it’s impossible to manually track every article, video, or other piece of content you publish, you need to utilize website analytics tools.

Website Analytics Tools

1. Google Analytics

Almost every publisher online uses Google Analytics (GA). It’s made by and for the Google search engine, which is the most popular one right now. GA enables you to understand how Internet users are interacting with your site. It shows you how many people visit your site, where they are coming from (referrals), and sets up campaigns, so you can track how close you’re coming to your online marketing goals. While GA provides a lot of ways to determine how well you’re doing with your content marketing, most people use it in conjunction with other analytical tool to gain a clearer picture of what they need to do next.

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Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin

If you’re looking for a Twitter Feed plugin, look no further. The Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin is now available on the WordPress plugin repository, and it’s completely FREE.

Since several users and clients requested that we provide a stand-alone version of the Twitter widget that is found in our Gabfire Widget Pack plugin, we decided it was worthwhile. Given Twitter seems to update its API more frequently, you can rest assured that the Gabfire team will maintain this plugin. After all, that’s why you rely on us.

Gabfire Twitter Feed Plugin

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Sharp Magazine – Responsive WordPress Theme Release

Our latest responsive magazine theme showcases just one way to utilize the awesome power of the Sharp Magazine. Don’t let the demo content fool you as this theme was designed and developed for a variety of content sites with sophisticated needs. As usual, a Gabfire theme is never complete until it addresses the full gamut of features being requested by leading media outlets. Whether you’re running sites with millions of unique visitors or about to launch the next big media site, check out the industry’s leading WordPress themes for online newspapers and magazines.

The Sharp Magazine WordPress theme features a clean design with ample use of white space to allow your content and images to shine.

Sharp WordPress Theme

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ThanksGiving & Black Friday WordPress Theme Promotion – 40% Off

The best time for WordPress deals is ThanksGiving and Black Friday.

So we’ve been told.
Black Friday 40% off Sale

Happy Turkey Day! We’re having a promotion to thank our new and existing users for another superb year of community-driven development and WordPress.

We hope you’ll be enjoying the meals and festivities while our team continues to develop robust themes and new plugins. While others are out shopping, you can take advantage of this promotion from the comfort of your own home. The long weekend and savings have just started.

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