50 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site

You have two options when your website goes live. You can wait until the search engine bot makes its way over to your site to crawl it, or you can ping it to speed up the process. Most people wait it out, but it’s not in your best interest. The sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic. To start letting search engines know about your site, add the URL to these sites. Here are 50 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Submit your Site to Bing
  3. DMOZ
  4. 01 Web Directory
  5. Azoos.com
  6. Best of the Web
  7. Canny Link Internet Guide
  8. Exactseek
  9. Free Website Directory
  10. Information Outpost
  11. InfoListings Directory
  12. InfoTiger
  13. LinkCentre
  14. ScrubTheWeb
  15. Bloggeries
  16. Ontoplist.com
  17. Blogcatalog
  18. SpillBean.com
  19. Bloggernity
  20. Bloggapedia
  21. Blogging Fusion
  22. BlogFlux
  23. Blog Listing
  24. Blogdigger
  25. Blogorama
  26. Yeandi
  27. SplatSearch
  28. SunSteam

Press Release Distribution Sites

Press releases are a great way to promote your business. When you have a new site, you can announce its launch with a press release. While some press release distribution sites will charge you to publish on their site, the following ones are free.

  1. NPR
  2. Beta News
  3. Directions Magazine
  4. ThomasNet
  5. NanoTechnology News
  6. PRLog
  7. Newswiretoday.com
  8. Pr-inside.com
  9. PR.com
  10. ClickPress
  11. Pressbox.co.uk
  12. Online PR Media
  14. CGIDir
  15. PRWindow
  16. Free Press Index

Submitting Your Site’s URL or Press Release

Submitting your site’s URL or press release to these sites is easy. Simply go to the site, find the registration section, enter the required information, and then add in your URL or upload your press release. It might take some time to have your submission reviewed, but for the directories, it shouldn’t take long. As you’re starting your submissions, you’ll notice it takes a few minutes. This list doesn’t include every single one either. There are even more of these you can use. That doesn’t mean you should spend hours submitting your site and press release to every single directory and distribution site. For the directories, do a few one day, and then when you have new content again, submit the URL to some other ones. That way you get your site’s URL on as many directories as possible without spending all day doing it.

For the press release distribution sites, upload a press release to each one over time. Since most of them allow you to include a link, you’ll get a backlink as well. Speaking of backlinks, if you’ve been reading about backlinks lately, you’ve probably learned that Google has cracked down on low quality links. This is because a couple years ago people discovered that if they were able to get their link placed on as many sites as possible, their site’s ranking would increase. It worked for a little while, but then Google caught on and started penalizing sites that had a lot of backlinks that had nothing to do with their niche. Now, some people stay away from trying to gather backlinks, while others continue to get them.

Why do you need to know this? Adding your site to these directories and including a link in a press release that’s added to a distribution site will garner a backlink. Whether these backlinks will hurt or harm your site’s ranking is a matter of opinion. It’s true that if you use the directories, search engines will find your site faster. Since people are always adding their site’s URL, these directories update frequently, which means the search engine bot crawls it often. All you can do is track the effectiveness of your submissions to these sites. If you see that your site gets ranked faster and higher using them, keep going. If you don’t see a difference or a decline, you know to try some other way to get search engines to notice your site. This is the way Internet marketing works. It’s a lot of trial and error, but when you find something that works, you’ll be glad you tried it.

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      This is an old post Bode. Some of directories above might not be active anymore, but most should be working fine.

  18. quilling card   June 30, 2016 at 6:18 AM

    It worked for a little while, but then Google caught on and started penalizing sites that had a lot of backlinks that had nothing to do with their niche. Now, some people stay away from trying to gather backlinks, while others continue to get them.

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      Yes, you can. You need to click on any directory and submit your site.

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    • Mehmet   October 19, 2016 at 5:56 PM

      Hi Damien,
      This is a pretty old post. Unfortunately most of those directories has now changed their conditions. Using social media channels is a good practice as of now.

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    But most of the directories listed above charge a little fee now.
    Do your have some service for add directories?

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