5 Amazing News Mobile Apps for Your Phone

You don’t always have time to read your favorite news sites when you’re sitting in front of your computer at work or home. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to read the news while you’re on the go. You can read it on the train, bus, or simply while you’re waiting in line somewhere. Since it’s inconvenient to bring out your computer wherever you are, your mobile phone is the best option. Fortunately, there are excellent mobile apps for your phone that will make reading the news worthwhile.


Flipboard is one of the first news aggregators to come out for mobile phones. It’s quickly become the most popular and best one around. People love how this app shows you news by subject. It can also take links from social networks to show you what’s trending. If you have a few websites you want to track, simply add them in and you’ll see the updates on the app as soon as they are available.

You can use this app on iOS, Android and Windows devices.


Pulse looks a lot like Flipboard, but it does have some differences. You’ll be able to browse categories such as technology, women’s health, and more. You can also add your own websites to follow. All of the news you want to read will be easily accessible on the side bar. The design is simple, so it doesn’t overwhelm you like some other news apps.

Pulse is available through the App Store and Google Play.


Zite brings more beauty to your news on your mobile phone. The app features a vertical feed that displays all your news. Every article has a large image, which makes it attractive. You can choose topics, add websites, or select some of the app’s suggestions. The app actually takes information from your Pocket list, Twitter and Facebook accounts to give you news that you might enjoy. There’s also a feature that makes recommendations based on what you read. Whenever you read news, the app will show you related news stories in the top left-hand corner. This means you’ll always have something to read when you open the app.

Zite is available through the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store for Android.


Many people were saddened by Google Reader’s shut down, but they were comforted by Feedly’s capabilities. Feedly allows you to customize your news app. You can add in all your news sites easily, so you can quickly access them when you’re in the mood to read. This is a simple news app, so don’t expect to get all the bells and whistles like the recommendations that Zite provides. This app is for people who know what they want and don’t want anything else. One thing that Feedly users love is that you can change its colors, so it can be set up just the way you like it.

You can download Feedly by going to the App Store or Google Play.


Have you ever come across an article you want to read, but you don’t have the time? Pocket is perfect for you. This app lets you collect news articles you want to read, so they will be available on your mobile phone. When you’re online, you can add links to your Pocket easily. The app will then download the content. When you’re ready, you open the app and start reading.

Pocket is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kobo, and your web browser.

Test News Apps to Decide Which You Like Best

All of these mobile apps for your phone do essentially the same thing. They show you news you’re interested in reading. They aren’t all the same though. You will see differences among them, and some of the differences may not impress you. Download some of these, or all of them, and then decide which one you’d like to use. Once you find the perfect one for you, you’ll be so glad that you’ve decided to start using a news app. You will finally be able to follow your favorite news sites when you have the time no matter where you are throughout the day. Do you have a mobile app for news feeds that we missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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