30+ Sites to Find Free Images for Your Blog Posts

A picture is worth a thousand words.

People love images. Images grab their attention. They make them want to read a blog post. Since it’s important to publish regular content on your site, finding free images can save you a lot of money. Consider using some of these sites the next time you’re publishing a blog post on your site.

No Attribution Images

No attribution images do not require you to identify where you retrieved them or who owns them.

  • StockSnap – High quality and high resolution images free to use for personal or commercial projects.
  • Pixabay – All the images on this site are free to use for personal or commercial use.
  • Wikimedia Commons – There are over 17,913,670 files on this site and they are public domain.
  • FreeMediaGoo – The selection is limited, but you may be able to find some really good ones on this site.
  • FreeJPG – This Argentina site has a decent selection of images you can use royalty free.
  • FreePhotoWeb – The selection is limited, but some of the categories can’t be found on other sites.
  • Good Free Photos – A gallery of thousands of unique and free public domain stock photos.

Attribution Required Images

Images from these sites require you to identify who owns them and where you retrieved them.

  • Photopin – Photopin allows you to search Creative Common photos on Flickr.
  • Morguefile – These images are free and you can use them any way you wish, as long as you don’t claim ownership of them.
  • Compfight – This is another site that searches Flickr for you. This site offers a WordPress plugin that will pull images for you to make adding them to your blog with proper attribution easy.
  • Google Advanced Image Search – Google pulls images from all over the Internet, so you have to be careful choosing images from this search engine. The best thing to do is choose Creative Commons in the drop down menu for License.
  • Every Stock Photo – This is a search engine for the most popular stock photo sites online.
  • Stockvault – This site has categories to browse to find the images you need.
  • Foter – There are millions of images on this site you can search. You can use the embed code for attribution.
  • Flickr Creative Commons – Some of these require attribution and others don’t, so check the details of each image.
  • Dreamstime – You will have to sign up for an account and then search in the free section.
  • Free Images – You will need to sign up on the site to download the images.
  • Free Range Stock – Registration is required, but there are some interesting and high resolution photos.
  • ImageFree – This site has a limited selection, but the ones they do have are good.
  • IM Free – These images are organized by category making it easy to find images related to a blog post topic.
  • Rgbstock – Photographers and graphic artists upload photos and images to this site. There are many to choose from after you register with the site.
  • BigFoto – Amateur photographers contribute to this site, and want you to use their photos to gain visibility.
  • Gratisography – Check every week for new photos to download on this site.
  • FreeDigitalPhotos -Small images are free on this site.
  • New Old Stock – These are vintage photos you can use.
  • PicJumbo – This site doesn’t have a search engine to find images, so you’ll have to use the categories to find the ones you need.
  • Pickupimage – The images on this site are nature and outdoor related.
  • Superfamous – This site has photos taken by Folkert Gorter, a famous Dutch photographer and designer.
  • Unsplash – You can download 10 free images every 10 days.
  • StockPhotos.io – This site looks a lot like Pinterest, but you can download all the images as long as you credit them.
  • FreeImages – You need to register with this site, but once you do, you’ll have a large selection of images to download.
  • StockPhotosforFree.com – This site has over 100,000 free stock photos available.

What You Need to Know About Using Free Images

Many people confuse free images with no attribution images. Free images doesn’t have anything to do with attribution. It simply means you can download them at no cost. When you use them, it’s important to know if you need to use attribution. If you don’t, you risk copyright violation, which could result in a lawsuit.

For some sites, you may not be able to understand if you need to credit the image. It’s always best to credit when you’re not sure. People won’t be bothered with the credit, and you’ll never have to worry about getting sued for claiming an image is yours.

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