20 Sites Every Blogger Should Bookmark

There are many sites that provide valuable information to bloggers. The problem is that there’s not enough time in a day to read all of them. This is why it’s important to narrow down your list to just a handful. When creating a list of sites to follow, consider some of these.Here is our choice of 20 Sites Every Blogger Should Bookmark.

The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging

What you will find in our Beginner’s Guide is a blueprint that takes you from learning the basics of blogging to becoming a knowledgeable and talented blogger. This guide has been designed to help you achieve those goals in an easy to read, step by step way.

Business Owners Idea Café

Whether you’re starting a business or running one, you will find this website to be a useful resource. You’ll be able to interact with successful entrepreneurs, get advice, and stay on top of business news.

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

This website is amazing. Input a keyword to have a list of titles generated for you. You may not be able to use many of them, but there’s bound to be at least a couple that you can use to write a great blog post.


Slideshare creates a slideshow of information for your audience. Take a blog post, break it up into slides, and then share it on social media, on your website, and in an email newsletter. This is a great resource to use regularly to increase engagement.


This site is perfect for creating images for your blog posts, website, and social networks. It allows you to edit photos, create memes, design collages, and more.


Buffer allows you to share content and publish posts at the best time for your audience. The app is easy to use. You can simply click on the icon located on your toolbar when you find content you want to share. If you want to write a post, just click on the icon and type what you want to share with your audience. This app even offers suggestions for posts if you’re having a difficult time finding something for your followers.

Social Cam

Video blogging is popular now. You can publish videos on your blog and then upload them on YouTube for more exposure. With Social Cam, you can use the app on your smartphone to record a video and upload it easily wherever you want it.


People are using hashtags all the time now. When you use hashtags on your blog or social media feeds, you can follow their popularity with Tagboard. You can input hashtags you just want to keep an eye on too. It’s a fun website to fool around with when looking for blog post ideas.

Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner website has almost everything you need to know about marketing your business on social networks. There’s new posts daily, so don’t miss out on the news and tips.


As a blogger, you should know what’s going on with technology. Mashable keeps you updated in a fun way because the articles are entertaining and informative.

Federal Trade Commission

When you’re blogging, you’re probably running a business. The government provides a website to help you with that business. Check out the FAQ section, consumer alerts, and state disclosure requirements to make sure what you’re doing is in your best interest.


FreshBooks is an easy to use invoicing website. You can track time you spend on a project, and create professional looking invoices for your clients.

Google Docs

Google Docs should be used by every business owner online. You can store your documents securely online, so you can access them anywhere you have Internet access. If you have a team you’re working with online or off, they can access your documents as well. This website is powerful and if you use it, you’ll be using it every single day.


You can sign up to be an expert, so when journalists need someone to turn to with questions they need answers to for a story, you can pitch your knowledge to them. This can be a great way to get your name and website URL out in front of your audience. You can also use this website to find experts to interview for an article for your site.


When you need help writing web content, read this blog. They have tips, tools, and other resources to help you perfect your writing skills.

Google Trends

Before you start writing on your blog, find out what’s trending on Google. Google Trends shows you what the hottest searches are for the day.

National Association for the Self-Employed

You own a business, so you’re self-employed. What better place to get information than the National Association for the Self-Employed? This site provides support, education, and training.

National Association of Women Business Owners

This association advocates for women business owners. You can find resources and support that will help you start or grow your business.

Small Business Administration

The SBA wants people to succeed at running their business. They provide a lot of valuable information and business opportunities.


“Step-by-step instructions for starting a blog from scrath. Learn how to build up your blog, get more traffic and monetize it.”


After bookmarking all these sites, you may find it difficult to visit them every day to see what’s new. With Feedly, you can just visit one site. Simply add in the RSS feeds to Feedly, and you can see all the new content from your favorite sites in one place.


OnBlastBlog.com is a website ran by Matt Banner. OBB is fully dedicated to helping beginners learn how to start, grow and profit from having a blog. With a little guidance and a lot of dedication, 100s of people every single day are making the transition from regular 9-5 jobs to working full-time from the comfort of their home.

Don’t get too overwhelmed by this list. Check out some of the sites, and then decide if you want to return to them. Bookmark the ones you believe will be helpful to you. When you have time, go through your bookmarks to see what’s new on the sites. It’s the best way to stay up to date on what you need to know to market your business online.

What other sites would you add to the list?

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