10 Plugins to Improve Your Editorial Workflow

Multi-author WordPress blogs can get a bit messy. Writers upload articles, some are in draft, others are being published, and no one knows what’s coming down the pipeline. The biggest problem with many multi-author WordPress blogs is the lack of organization. Fortunately, plugins can help you with that. With the right plugins, you can manage your editorial workflow much more efficiently.Here are some of the most popular 10 plugins to improve your editorial workflow.

Edit Flow

This is one of the best plugins to manage your editorial workflow. The plugin comes with a feature called Custom Statuses. These labels help you track everything your authors are doing for your blog. You’ll be able to see:

  • Pitches – Ideas your authors have for the blog
  • Drafts – Auto saved articles
  • Assigned – Who has been assigned what article
  • In Progress – The articles writers are working on at the moment
  • Pending Review – Articles pending editorial review
  • Ready to Publish – Posts that have been edited and ready for publishing

In addition to the Custom Statuses, there’s also comments and notifications. This keeps your team communicating, so everyone knows what is going on with assignments.

Oasis Workflow

If you want a simple version of Edit Flow, get the Oasis plugin. This one works a lot like Edit Flow, but you’ll only have three statuses:

  • Assignment
  • Review
  • Publish

Even though this plugin doesn’t have all the features Edit Flow does, it does give you many features that will make your editorial workflow much more organized. Some other features include email notifications for due dates, reassigning capabilities, and an editorial log.


With so many writers accessing your blog’s dashboard, you may get a little scared that you’ll let the wrong person into your site. With Members, you don’t have to worry about that because you can restrict access to just about everything. You’ll be able to go to Users and then Roles to identify what each user can do. You can allow a user to only upload files, read posts or edit posts. With limited access, the wrong person won’t be able to completely destroy your blog.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Keywords are important because they are what people use to find your site. When posting articles, you need to make sure you’re using the words that search engines can use to bring you targeted traffic. WordPress SEO by Yoast is perfect for this by telling you if you are optimizing your content correctly.


Google Analytics is great, but WassUp gives you real time stats on your WordPress dashboard. You’ll be able to see what people are doing, which search terms they used, and the sites that referred them. It’s really easy to use and convenient.


Don’t risk losing all that high quality content you’ve been publishing. Use BackupBuddy to back your site up in case of a crash. You can also use it when you want to migrate your site because it saves everything, so all you have to do is upload your site whenever and wherever you need to do it.


As part of your editorial workflow, share your content with social media. You can do this easily with ShareThis because it has many social networks you can access for sharing your content. The best feature is the CopyNShare. This allows you to see how many people copy and paste your URL in their social media posts.

Ninja Forms

Internet users love forms. They are attractive, easy to use, and convenient. With Ninja Forms, you can make any type of form look professional without coding. You’ll love the drag and drop feature!

WYSIWYG Visual HTML Editor, Drag and Drop Visual Editor with Web Page Builder

WYSIWYG makes creating content a breeze. You don’t have to worry about HTML coding at all with this plugin. Simply drop what you want for your post, and you’ll be ready to publish.

Plugin Organizer

After downloading all these plugins, you’ll probably want to organize them. Plugin Organizer is perfect for that. You can group your plugins, so you can find the ones you need quickly.

Plugins make organizing your editorial workflow easy. Try some of these out, and keep the ones that help you the most. You’ll soon wonder how you ever got by without them.

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