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Stylebook – WordPress Newspaper Theme

Best Responsive Magazine Theme for WordPress

Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme
Newspaper and Magazine design – it’s what we are good at. We are aware that many of you were waiting for our newest magazine theme release and today is the day we deliver. Since the launch of our latest theme and framework, Bootstart, we are now able to bring you more feature-packed themes, faster.

Stylebook  – another Twitter Bootstrap theme – is a responsive WordPress Newspaper and Magazine theme that’s worth the wait. Read on below for some extra details about Stylebook.

Multi-Category Featured Slider

featuredPatterns was our first magazine theme to come with a unique collage instead of a slider on the front page. Now, we’ve taken our design to the next level with the Featured Collage Slider in Stylebook.

The featured slider supports multiple categories and displays a collage of latest entries per selected category/tag or custom field.

News Ticker

news-tickerSatisfying multiple requests from early users, we’ve added a news ticker below the site navigation that can display the latest posts – or – posts of a specific category or tag. It’s the perfect section for breaking news.

Smart Navigation

You can take advantage of Smart Navigation designed not only to provide easy navigation across your site, but also to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. The Smart Navigation is a two-dimensional panel divided into sub-navigation items and the most recent entries within that topic.

Responsive Carousel

carouselIn the past, many of you have enjoyed the ability to use a carousel to display posts. In Stylebook, we’ve included a neat responsive carousel that will work with even the smallest mobile browser.

9 Category Page Templates

We know that you love having the ability to display different layouts for each category page. With Stylebook, you have ability to have a front page feeling, even within category pages, using the Magazine style category layout or display a category template with a slider at top.

These are not the only category templates that we have prepared for you. Stylebook is packed with 9 awesome category layouts.

4 Post Templates

As with all of our themes, Stylebook comes with custom post layouts. We were surprised to find that this is a very unique feature not found in many themes.  Stylebook includes 4 custom post layouts.

Much, Much More…

Stylebook comes packed with so many other features that you’ll need to explore it yourself to fully grasp it. After you inspect it thoroughly, let us know what you think in the comments below – or ask us anything!

Comments (57)

  1. Fred Harris Permalink Reply

    Looks quite interesting. Does the news ticker have a timer or is it only manual load by the reader having to select the “forward” and “reverse” arrows? I watched the demo and use Firefox but I did not see the newsticker move unless I manually selected it. Thanks.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      With addition of 1 line code into a single file, it will support auto rotation as well Fred. Noted it down to add this code into SVN version.

  2. Fred Harris Permalink Reply

    After trying out the theme it looks like a winner but some things I noticed.
    1) The drop down navigation or menu bars though are poor, especially in firefox and opera. Why not use the superior drop down menu from city desk? They are way better.
    2) On my samsung galaxy 2 when held upright the top navigation bars are difficult to move through and often end up open incorrect menu options. Also the word “navigation” would help those not use to seeing just a small image on the menu bar to understand that there is a navigation bar that can be opened.
    3) The top slider does not work properly on the iPad and Galaxy and my iPhone smartphone. The top slider “sticks” to the screen and refused to slide properly up the screen. The articles therefore get stuck “behind” the slider.
    4) The heading “stylebook” on my iPad, smartphone and galaxy stays on the screen as I scroll down through a category or an article. The words Stylebook stay on top of the article I am trying to read.
    5) Newsticker is not automatic on any of my handheld devices mentioned above.

    This brings up the question, can this theme be locked or is it always responsive? If it was locked then it would work in any device, but the responsiveness seems to need more work. I could not see how to upload images to show you what I can see and I cannot post to your forum so I see no other way to contact you prior to purchase with “pre-sales” questions and observations.

    Otherwise a worthy addition to your collection of themes.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      1- We wanted to develop something from scratch to use for dropdown; that’s what we did. To add smart navigation into that option is going to be an addition that we will probably do sometime later.

      2- Can you elaborate the first part of this question/issue?

      3- Any chance that you could provide us a screenshot at info at ?

      4- I am not able to reproduce it. Can you send a screenshot for that one too?

      5- Thats matter of configuration, can be set easily.

      Yes, the theme can easily be locked to 1140px which will zoom itself out on smaller browsers. But we’d be more happy to fix any responsiveness issue that would raise.

      • Fred Harris Permalink Reply

        No problem I will email you the images of the different devices screenshots so you can see the issues.

        • Fred Harris Permalink Reply

          For number 2 – the problem is the nav bar is too long for a smartphone and not wide enough. I’ll show you in the pictures. Therefore to select the menu item it is often the wrong item. Ipad is more forgiving since it has a bigger screen. I noted the trouble as soon as I was on anything smaller than a 7 inch screen like the samsung galaxy 2 for instance.

          • Mehmet Ozek Permalink

            Unfortunately there is nothing to do about small navigation. The height of dropdown is set automatically based on available space on mobile.

            On another note, we have added mega nav as you suggested above. Yuo can test it on live demo.

          • Fred Harris Permalink

            I sent the pictures but they came back. I will try again.

            Also, in this theme can I use the wordpress featured image for selecting the featured image or do I have to always put in the URL and add it as a custom field with each post?

            In the playground I noted that the wordpress featured image did not work. Thanks.

          • Mehmet Ozek Permalink


            For pre-sales questions, you can contact us via contact form at

            While testing responsive, do you actually click on Remove Frame button at the top of site? Use as url while trying to access from mobile devices.

  3. John Malloy Permalink Reply

    WOW, your most powerful theme yet. Love all the styling options.

    You knocked it out of the park, again!!!

    Continued Success,

    John Malloy

  4. Roberto Permalink Reply

    the new theme Stylebook have the patterns slider in any posts ? the big slider or the small one in city desk?

    thanks!!! regards amigos

  5. Sako Permalink Reply

    What about related posts widget or function?

  6. Doug Permalink Reply

    Great there. Tried out stylebook in the playground. I couldn’t get the wordpress featured image to work. It would upload the image but it wouldn’t show up in any post, home page, slider.

    Does the new stylebook not use the standard wordpress featured image for uploading the post image? Thanks.

    • Doug Permalink Reply

      I couldn’t leave this in your forum. I don’t have any access. Sorry.

      • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

        Hi Doug,

        Your image names contains some sort of MD5 key; like tumblr_mubk5m6xZk1rlgauqo1_500.jpg. Please try to use simpler names.

  7. nextgenfm radio Permalink Reply

    Hi Gabfire

    Have been using BlogNews for a while now, great theme visit site to see how much it has changed. :)

    I am looking to upgrade however to a responsive solution, do you think Boostart would be a good theme to switch to?

    It would be great if you could make BlogNews responsive!

    Great job guys :)

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Bootstart is ok if you are looking for regular blog layout, but if you want to use a magazine theme, check Patterns as well along with Stylebook.

      • Permalink Reply

        Thanks Gabfire team

        Boostart is a really clean well done theme! It looks very easy to customize, I think I’ll try it out in the sandbox!

  8. Jim Permalink Reply

    If I buy the theme, does it release the rights for me to edit it and use it freely? Say I work for a newspaper company and I want to change the theme colors and modify it to how I see fit?

    • Monty Permalink Reply

      Sure thing! You are free to modify the theme into oblivion if you so choose.

  9. Micks80 Permalink Reply

    I love this theme and no doubt it looks to be one of the best magazine themes in the market. My only wish was if it could support pink color for the header instead of red for celebrity sites. Is it just a css color code change or uses background images for header?


    • Monty Permalink Reply

      The header is loading CSS colors so you’ll be able to modify these colors as you please.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Its pure CSS Mick. And you change the colors if navigation on theme control panel. Try it out at

  10. Vijay Permalink Reply

    REally a nice theme, What I would like to know is the possibility of adding 728X90 ad in the header beside logo.

    Is that possible?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Vijay

      The ad support on header is actually a built-in feature. You can easily replace quote with an advertisement without hacking any code.

  11. PerfectDriver Permalink Reply

    This theme is awsome – i will buy it for my next project

    thank you

  12. Amir Permalink Reply

    Greetings, Do you have plans to incorporate an in-site search bar on the header or masthead in line with the design of Patterns, City Desk, etc? Thank you.

  13. Mr Shank Permalink Reply

    Bought and paid for.
    Good job.

  14. Iulian Grigorescu Permalink Reply

    Perfect for a future project. Nice work…again

  15. JaeYoung Permalink Reply

    Feedback on Version 0.5
    – Shorcode doesn’t works
    – Google trackcode doesn’t work

    Kindly check.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Jaeyoung,

      I just tested and it seems to be working fine. Please make sure that you do clear the cache, or please share the url for the thread at support forums if you have submit that as an issue.

  16. marcel Permalink Reply

    can you also give a full data backup so its much easier to understand how it all works?

    the democontent is not sufficient and still looks like a mess



    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Marcel,

      You can download XML file from server, but you are still required to adjust theme control panel after the xml file import.

  17. wilfred Permalink Reply

    Am currently using newspaper gabfire theme, but its taking too much of my server resources , have you fix that in this current theme ?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Your theme version matters Wilfred, also the question needs to be submit to our support forums.

  18. John Permalink Reply

    I just started a WP News Blog. I must say “Styleboox” has a unique and great design as per my needs. Going to buy this theme now. Could be better if you provide a BlackFriday Coupon for it :)

  19. amarresdeamor Permalink Reply

    Very nice templates, congratulations. For now I can not buy one but I will return to it later to buy one of these templates seem very professional.

  20. elprofecibernetico Permalink Reply

    I think for now I will leave this place as my favorite then go back and buy a theme that you see here are very professional ..

  21. Philip Permalink Reply

    this theme looks great! one question though, if i buy this theme can i edit it like change the color to give it a more personal touch?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Philip,

      On theme control panel, there are options to change theme colors. I mean yes, you can customize it to any color you like.

  22. Guest Permalink Reply

    Why this one is cheaer than Patterns theme?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      We wanted to release a decent newspaper for rather cheaper price. Otherwise, the design is the only different between Patterns and Stylbook. In terms of functionality, they are both same.

  23. Jane Boursaw Permalink Reply

    Does Stylebook have a media gallery option? I’m currently using Advanced Newspaper and love the media gallery option, but love the look of Stylebook and am thinking about switching.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Jane,
      Yes stylebook has media gallery option.

  24. yohanan2013 Permalink Reply

    How I can create a sub menu from another sub menu?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Dear Yohanan, please submit your question to our support forums at

  25. Daniel Permalink Reply

    I have recently bought Stylebook WP theme and I need guidance regarding a multisite wordpress installation.
    My issue is that after a fresh WordPress 3.8 install, and a multisite path setup, I have encounter a strange behavior of Stylebook theme: I can see the featured image on the main site but I can’t see it on the second site. On the second site when I set the featured image on a post it’s not displayed on any site-page(home or other page). If I switch theme to wordpress native theme twenty fourteen I can see the featured image.

    I also had a problem accessing the forum.My expiration date is 12/12/2014 but it denies my access.
    If anybody has the solution please write my on [email protected]
    Thank you!

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Best regards
    Dan Bitoiu

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Dear Dan,

      Can you please try to login forums once again, but make sure to check Remember Me box while trying this time?

  26. Chabi Permalink Reply

    Hello Mehmet,

    I recently purchased a Stylebook theme and wanted to use a audio player in it, I tried Audio player plugin but for some reason it is not working. The player doesnot appear on the page. is there a native player for this theme or could you recommend compatible audio player for this theme please.

    • Monty Permalink Reply

      There is currently no native player, but if you open a thread in our forum we can take a look. Make sure to include the example URL.

  27. Chabi Permalink Reply

    How can i enable a smart navigation option?

    • Monty Permalink Reply

      What smart navigation do you refer to? If you have purchased the theme, please open a support thread in the forum.

  28. CartOOnist ARiF Permalink Reply

    One of the good theme, I think you can improve more in Stulebook theme, that in category page post image are not click able to read post, even there is no “read more” or “Continue reading” option.
    If you just improve this then I’ll buy it.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      This is optional and can easily be added. We can provide you this customization Arif.

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