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Sneak Peek: Arts and Culture

It’s late here in New York City, and thought I would take a quick break to share a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on recently. It’s got some creative elements requested by some of our community members. The best features are the multiple category templates – AND – post templates. More to come soon…

What do you think?

Comments (14)

  1. WGL Permalink Reply

    Looks great Charlie.:)

  2. Meyer Permalink Reply

    It looks like it has a lot of potential. Fashion sites are hot right now.

    Look forward to the finished product.

  3. Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

    Thanks Guys. Looking forward to getting it out to you very soon.

  4. daniel Permalink Reply

    Looks nice. Waiting to have a peek in a post :-)

  5. Filipe Rokr Permalink Reply

    Hello friends, I’m from Brazil and would like to request a custom theme itself and it is possible? Thank you.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Dear Filipe, we unfortunately don’t do custom theme design.

  6. Filipe Rokr Permalink Reply


  7. RDjobero Permalink Reply

    i’re like this theme ! is possible to add Youtube Video Posts slider category and another category slider in the header ?
    check my website and the important for me is the video slider and the right slider in the header to add in that beautiful theme…thanks ..regards

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi RD,
      Unfortunately i didn’t understand your qestion. but it is surely possible to add Youtube videos into slider.

  8. RDjobero Permalink Reply

    hi Mehmet Ozek!! check my website in this website i have 2 slider on for image and the other for youtube video slider, i need to know if those extra slider add will be possible to add in this wonderful theme? thanks …regards

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hi Roberto – I think I just responded to your message submitted via the contact form.

  9. ergun Permalink Reply

    arts and culture slider not working on theme. help me please

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Dear Ergun,

      We have a fix for this issue. Please contact us at

  10. venida Permalink Reply

    Same with my site on:

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