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Opinions BuddyPress Theme for WordPress

Opinions BuddyPress theme for WordPress is clean, responsive, and feature-rich.

Everyone has an Opinion! That’s the real substance behind great communities – a constant flow of different opinions. Our latest theme – aptly titled Opinions – really has all the bells-and-whistles needed to set up a community platform based on a magazine theme.

We received extremely positive feedback on our Connect theme which gave us plenty of motivation to build a second BuddyPress compatible WordPress theme. With Opinions, we wanted to display a large amount of content in a clean magazine layout while also taking advantage of BuddyPress functionality to create a truly social platform.


The design of Opinions theme will scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions and on all mobile devices.

Multiple Category Layouts

The theme is packed with 6 different category layouts. Think about the possibilities!

  1. Unique Magazine Layout
  2. New Grid Layout (my favorite!)
  3. 4-column
  4. 3-column
  5. 2-column
  6. Default blog layout

Multiple Post Layouts

Opinions has 3 custom post layouts. This is a very unique feature not found in many themes in the market.

  1. Big Picture
  2. No Sidebar
  3. Default

BuddyPress Compatibility

Of course, this theme is BuddyPress compatible – another unique feature that is not widely available in the market.

Popular Posts

The home page features a vertical list of popular posts which can also revert to displaying a specific category’s posts.

Mega Dropdown with Category-Specific Ads

Since users loved this feature first introduced in Connect theme, we decided to integrate it into Opinions. After all, we’re all about listening to users’ opinions :) Now, go get your next theme!

Comments (60)

  1. WGL Permalink Reply

    I’m speechless. This is absolutely beautiful. Your best yet.

    Wow. Just wow.

  2. Sharon Permalink Reply

    I love this….how can I incorporate Disqus comments on the sidebar instead of WP comments? I want to get this!

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks Sharon. Disqus would have its own widget to pull comments otherwise you can find one on the repository.

  3. John Malloy Permalink Reply

    I can hardly wait. Awesome!!!

    John Malloy

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks John! Happy to hear.

  4. r.pineiro24 Permalink Reply

    Another great theme! A lot of possibilities with the category pages. Thanks a lot!

  5. Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

    Thanks WGL! This one is my new favorite for sure.

  6. Sebastian Permalink Reply

    Looks Awesome :-)

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks Sebastian.

  7. Eddie Truman Permalink Reply

    Fantastic development of the unique category archives concept you guys pioneered. Nobody else offers such great innovation, well done again guys.

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks Eddie! We’re working on building more and adding more to our offerings in the near future.

  8. Meyer Permalink Reply

    WOW !!!
    I’m impressed with the new – opinions – theme.

    I don’t know when Charlie and Mehmet found time to row out a totally new theme on top of the one they rolled out last month.

    Very impressive.

  9. Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

    Thanks Meyer. There are 24 hours in a day :)

  10. Arlindo Reis Permalink Reply

    Good afternoon

    Charlie use BuddyPress with the other issues, I have more problems with spam and invaders, is to protect users in this new BuddyPress site (theme)?


    Arlindo Kings

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hi Arlindo – just be sure to activate and enable Akismet plugin to prevent spam. That will stop most of it.

  11. Arlindo Reis Permalink Reply

    File pages.php came up blank, so this correct?

    Arlindo Reis

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      It certainly is not correct. Please re-download your theme again. As for rest support questions please use our support forums Arlindo.

  12. Erica Permalink Reply

    Oh just noticed that is a slider at the top on the homepage – does it have the option to autoscroll? Maybe that’s why I was unable to tell it was a slider at 1st because it wasn’t changing slides automatically. As long as there’s an option to autoslide, then everything looks perfect to me.
    Can the grey thumbnail slider autoscroll? If both can autoscroll/autoslide then I’m buying this ASAP!

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Yes, the featured slider has option to auto scroll. You can enable that option on theme control panel along with even further controls to define how fast to scroll, how long to wait between two slides etc… Even the other two carousels below can be set same way to auto scroll Erica.

  13. Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

    You can include a plugin as slider into your site. Something like Featured Content Gallery But please note that we do not provide support for 3rd party plugins.

  14. Ali Permalink Reply

    Very nice seems

  15. prajya Permalink Reply

    Wow !
    I am waiting for this theme

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Its released a week ago :)

  16. tony katch Permalink Reply

    nice theme. please add me to your list. any idea of the price

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hey Tony – already available. Just click-through to the link to purchase.

  17. Ralph Emerson Permalink Reply

    Is this theme mobile ready? Does it work well on Apple/Android phones?

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hi Ralph – Yes. Feel free to check out the demo link on your phone to see how it looks.

  18. Juz Permalink Reply

    Will it work in a Multisite setup and would buddypress also work in my WP multisite setup using this theme ?

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Juz – yes, it will work with any new WP site or multisite.

  19. Robert Permalink Reply

    Thanks for the help, need to know whether to install themes in my WP account I have to upgrade to Pro, I dont have the option to install themes thank you very much hope to share the theme, which theme would advise me to change my blog www. City Desk or advanced Newspaper.

  20. TJ Weaver Permalink Reply

    Hey guys!

    Wonderful Buddypress theme!

    Just curious, I have a movie website, and I’d love to purchase this theme. I think it will fit all the website’s needs. I just need to know if there’s a review/rating system included.

    Also is there a way to have the featured story at the top scroll automatically?


    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi TJ, unfortunately there is no rating system included but you can use a plugin for that (GD Start Rating for instance). As for auto slide; yes, it supports auto slide. You can set the speed and function of slide on theme control panel.

  21. David Permalink Reply

    Wonderful work – now please build a responsive newspaper design :-)

  22. Juz Permalink Reply

    Will you be adding this to the playground area so I can test it first ?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Added Juz, it is just added to playground (but unfortunately we do not have BuddyPress plugin activated at playground site.

  23. Rosenthaler Permalink Reply


    I have buy this Template, but the service and the installation instruction isn’t good. So i have the Template, but i don’t can need this, because i don’t can install this! So, maybe some one of the Support Team can help me? Thank’s.

  24. nakliyat Permalink Reply

    bu tema nerde bulabilirim

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      @nakliyat – Just click on the link to the theme to purchase it.

  25. Joel Permalink Reply

    This is an amazing-looking theme! I have a few questions.

    Can that vertical list of posts be customized or changed in any way or are they just be the typical wordpress most popular posts or the most recent posts from a category? I might want to show “10 editor’s picks” instead of something automated. Is that possible out of the box or with some extra work?

    Also, how are those trending links created at the top?

    Lastly, I’d be interested in category-specific headers and maybe background images. Can you recommend a plugin and/or speak to the difficulty I might have in doing that with this theme?

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks Joel! It’s becoming quite popular with our current user base.

      Regarding your question about the vertical list. Here’s where the good stuff is really behind the curtains. You can choose from following to display articles there:
      a) category
      b) tag specified
      c) posts w/ a specific custom field
      d) recent posts
      e) most popular posts (today, this week, month, or year)

      Trending links are auto-generated based on most used tags.

      Category specific headers are not built-in as that is case by case basis. I don’t know of any plugins, but I know it’s possible with some creative coding.

      • Joel Permalink Reply

        Thanks for the response. I saw that Opinions is multisite compatible. I’m wondering if that will work for what I want to do as I could have different logos for each network site. Just a few general multisite questions

        Would I be able to use this same theme on the other multisite blogs and tweak the theme options for each?

        Opinions home page shows content by what looks to be different categories. How could I display content on the home page form the different network sites? I know there are sitewide tag plugins for multisite. Could I show posts on the home page with tags like I can in the vertical list ?

  26. Dawson Permalink Reply

    Just checked the demo and I’m really impressed with this theme. First of all the layout is unique and sliders are simply awesome. Will recommend this theme to my clients :)

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Thanks a bunch Dawson. Means a lot coming from you. Cheers!

  27. Isaac Success Permalink Reply

    @ Charlie: Can i use this theme on a Content Curation Newspaper Site? Could it handle the frequent News Updates? Also, how SEO Optimized is the Opinions Theme without 3rd party plugins? Thanks in anticipation of a reply.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Yes, the theme can handle frequent news updates. But you should make sure that you are going to use a good server if you get thousands of entries on your site. The theme is coded with standard functions of WordPress but for SEO improvements you should definitely install some plugins no matter what theme you use.

  28. Ozlem Permalink Reply

    Are there any portals that started using this theme? Can we see other usage examples?
    Thank you

  29. azfar Farees Farooqui Permalink Reply

    Looking Website Thankyou,

  30. Sako Permalink Reply

    Could you make a wrapper with fixed background. Now it is not OK to monetize a website changing main background. If I change background, menu background get the same colour or image. Thanks!

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hi Sako – just drop us a note on the support forum and we may be able to provide some assistance.

  31. Mary Jane Permalink Reply

    Hello Charlie, I am so interested for this theme. I have been looking for a theme that fits my requirements and this is it. Is this possible to login in the frontend without going back to wordpress login? How about the posting? Is that can be done in the frontend as well?

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      hi Mary Jane – You can easily install a plugin to allow for login from frontend. Posting can also be achieved via a plugin.

  32. Mark Permalink Reply

    Beautiful looking theme.

    Q1: Can I add a Twitter widget into the theme? I would like to display my most recent tweets on my this theme.
    Q2: Do I have to use the BuddyPress functionality or can I choose not to use it?
    Q3: Does theme come with demo content so I can see how it all fits/works while building my site?

    Have been looking at several Themeforest Themes, but this looks very good for my needs.


    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Hi Mark – here are responses to your questions:

      Q1: Yes
      Q2: You can decide to use or not use.
      Q3: You can hit us up for the demo content. Or use a dummy content plugin.

      Happy holidays.

  33. Chris Permalink Reply

    Does this theme include the psd in the developers pack?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Yes, it does Chris.

  34. Hi Mehmet Permalink Reply

    I’m interested in purchasing the opinion theme. However I just want to make sure that I’m able to use the payable donation button. And install a Business Directory plugin.

    Please let me know including your recommended plugins that work well with your theme.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      You can use a business directory plugin as along as the plugin works fine on default WordPress theme. As for payable donation button; yes you can insert a Paypal donate button to sidebar of your site with no problem

  35. ervaring van eigenaren Permalink Reply

    I do not drop a lot of comments, however i did some searching and wound up here Opinions BuddyPress Theme for WordPress.
    And I do have some questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it look like some of these remarks look like written by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are posting on additional sites, I would like to follow anything new you have to post. Could you make a list of the complete urls of all your shared pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  36. استخدام Permalink Reply

    WoW! very nice

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