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How to check Category and Page ID’s

One of the major change of WordPress 2.5 was to remove the IDs on all admin pages. The reason of removing ID’s from admin pages was probably due to the fact that the common user don’t need them but since our templates are magazine/news style where we do have multiple loops on main pages, we will need to check category ID’s in order to set our templates.

If your browser shows the URL in the status bar, you can see the ID number when you mouse over the category link. If the status bar is disabled, you can activate it by checking the Status bar choice under View on both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Check Category ID


Check Page ID


Use a Plugin to Check ID No’s

The other way of checking ID numbers is to download and install WPsite Show IDs. When you install that plugin, the ID numbers will be printed next to categories as in following screenshot.


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  1. Brad Permalink Reply

    Sweet Tip!!! I was having a hard time on my other blog uploading a plugin to get these ids. Thanks a lot!!!!!

  2. jason Permalink Reply

    thanks! that's what i'm looking for.

  3. 365post Permalink Reply

    this indeed is a sweet tip! I was looking for this all over the place and here it was.

  4. Mao Permalink Reply

    thank you so much, now I know how to do it.. I appreciate it..

  5. James Ballard Permalink Reply

    Awesome. This was by far the easiest solution. Others were requiring php craziness that I do not (and don't care to) understand.

  6. Sandi Masori Permalink Reply

    Thank you for this! This solved an issue that I was having trying to get the categories show up in the theme I'm using. So much easier when you don't have to look up eah ID individually! Thanks!

  7. Alexis Permalink Reply

    I've been looking for that for days. I got it now.


  8. ajundi14 Permalink Reply

    this is a satisfactory explanation. thank you

  9. Manzara Resimleri Permalink Reply

    I was looking for this, thanks for tip

  10. yasin erincik Permalink Reply

    Thank you =))This theme is added to the video gallery is super =))

  11. sarajaff Permalink Reply

    I like your idea it really works to solve practical problems…

  12. RUt Permalink Reply

    I have a problem displaying the images on my website.

  13. Jeff Martin Permalink Reply

    Thank the lord you posted this. I was doing trial and error to find all the correct numbers for categories/posts on my site.

  14. ben spak Permalink Reply

    Thanks! Came in handy for my fiance’s WordPress site.

  15. Gibson Permalink Reply

    I have been tinkering wordpress but never noticed it, thank you for making this article

  16. bear10 Permalink Reply

    If you look at the url in the browser after you have clicked on a page or post link it will display the id there as well.

  17. Shalu Sharma Permalink Reply

    Does this work for post IDs as well?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Yes, it works just fine for posts, Shalu.

  18. jacks Permalink Reply

    thanks for tutorial. i will try now. :)

  19. info rajacolek Permalink Reply

    thanks for information like it

  20. ctgtimes Permalink Reply

    Thanks! Came in handy for my fiance’s WordPress site

    • Charlie Patel Permalink Reply

      Glad to hear @ctgtimes! All the best.

  21. bear10 Permalink Reply

    I am having trouble getting the authorship avatars and all to appear in the Author section of the theme….City Desk….any suggestions? I cannot find a tutorial page on the author section to get the gravatar and posts to appear. Thanks

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi, would you please submit this question to our support forums at ?

  22. Richard Permalink Reply

    Thanks for the plugin option, will try it out

  23. Philip Permalink Reply

    Been using this plugin on all of my blogs. You can also check the post ID using this plugin.

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