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New theme teaser

We’ve been quiet the past few weeks working on a number of things on our to-do list. Some of the items we’ve been researching are focused on enhancing our themes even further. We do this so that as each new theme is released, we can confidently claim that not only is a higher level of functionality delivered, but also that users have even more options to run professional sites.

That being said, you will absolutely love the new features in our next theme. I am not going to describe in detail the specifics of the new features baked into our upcoming newspaper / magazine theme but here are a few keywords: Multiple Headers, Category – AND – Post Layouts, Large Images.

Following the release of our newspaper theme, we have two more wonderful themes in the pipeline – one of them focused on real estate. Stay tuned for more announcements or sign up to RSS feed or our monthly newsletter.

WordPress 3.1 Features

What are the new features in WordPress 3.1? Many of you have read the WP 3.1 release and some have upgraded but don’t know what the big fuss is about. Let’s go over some of the really neat features introduced in WordPress 3.1.

Post Formats

This will be the most talked about feature in the WP 3.1 release. Post Formats support definitely takes WordPress to a new level of CMS capabilities, and we’re quite excited about it here at Gabfire Themes. In short, Post Formats allow you to choose a format that determines how the post is displayed. In concept, it is similar to Page Templates, however there is a standardized set of options that can be used. Available formats can be found on the WordPress Codex here and are shown below:

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Christmas gifts for everyone

We are in Christmas festive season, and at Gabfire Themes, we got some mouthwatering offers in wait for our customers. Yes! We have lined up some awesome Christmas promotional offers to top up the great themes that you typically recognize us for.

This time, we also don’t offer the typical “buy one get extra free” scheme as we had realized that most of the times, you, the customer, need only a single theme for your website(s). To compensate for that, we’ve brought down the price tag of the themes drastically to only $14.90. This offer will last until the last minute of 2010, on 31 December 2010 – 0:00 hours.

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The Importance of User Feedback

It is sometimes hard to replace a theme that is quite popular among users with a new one. From a client-customer relationship perspective, it can be potentially suicidal, especially if the replacement theme fails to garner the same amount of popularity as its original does. Smart move while updating an old theme is to come up with its enhanced versions without altering its core concept. Perhaps, now you realize why the third version of WPShowcase theme has been released, the same which you could find out yourself from the layout of Newspro and Suvi Magazine themes. Clearly, the layout is better when compared to its earlier editions.

While designing a new theme, or updating an existing one, we generally fall back on the communications we had with our clients, and take into account their valuable feedbacks in different aspects of the business. Here is a short road map of how WP Advanced Newspaper had 3 different editions in such a very short time.

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FAQ about Premium Themes

What is a premium WordPress theme?

A premium WordPress theme is any theme for the WordPress online blogging engine that comes at a price. In other words, if you have to pay for the WordPress theme, it is known as a premium theme. If you do not have to pay for it, it is known as a free theme.

Why should I purchase a premium WordPress theme?

This is a question that requires its own discussion absent the general discussion about premium WordPress themes. That having been said however, premium WordPress themes are worth purchasing for a number of reasons which briefly include their comprehensive nature, their support and the fact that you can often end up purchasing a theme without having to link back to the theme’s creator and therefore saving some of your link juice when it comes to the Google Page Rank information that your website has.

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WordPress Premium Theme Advantages

There are two main types of WordPress themes. The premium WordPress theme category used to lack popularity because of the cost associated with it, but now that people have realized that becoming successful online takes either a commitment of time or money within the WordPress themes category, it is starting to become more popular with each passing day. In any case, something has to have value in order to be popular and here are some advantages that WordPress premium themes bring to the table that might contribute towards their ever increasing sense of popularity on the internet.

Advantage #1: Time

One of the biggest advantages that WordPress premium themes have is their time factor. Because you are actually willing to pay for the theme, the person that has created the theme is generally able to put quite a bit more time into what they do. The end result of this extra time commitment is a higher quality. This might not be seen right away by your customers, but when you take a look at things like link placement, detailed color schemes and the logical placement of different elements on the page, what you are going to see is that the extra time that has been put into the premium WordPress themes ends up paying off in a way that very few people would have been able to imagine before these theme types became popular.

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