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Content Curation and Idea Generation Tools for Journalists and News Publishers

Content marketing improves brand awareness. It costs 62 percent less and generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing. There’s no doubt that every business owner should be using this form of promotion.

Once you have your website live, it’s time to start content marketing. Don’t become overwhelmed. You don’t have to produce multiple blog posts a day to get your content marketing off to a great start. Content curation can help you get going with content marketing as you publish blog posts to your site. In fact, many marketers recommend using curation 80% of the time and original content 20%.In this blog post you will learn about content curation and idea generation tools for journalists and news publishers.

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5 Amazing News Mobile Apps for Your Phone

You don’t always have time to read your favorite news sites when you’re sitting in front of your computer at work or home. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to read the news while you’re on the go. You can read it on the train, bus, or simply while you’re waiting in line somewhere. Since it’s inconvenient to bring out your computer wherever you are, your mobile phone is the best option. Fortunately, there are excellent mobile apps for your phone that will make reading the news worthwhile.


Flipboard is one of the first news aggregators to come out for mobile phones. It’s quickly become the most popular and best one around. People love how this app shows you news by subject. It can also take links from social networks to show you what’s trending. If you have a few websites you want to track, simply add them in and you’ll see the updates on the app as soon as they are available.

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How to Find Writers for Your Site

Writing articles for your site takes a lot of time. When you’re running a business, there’s not much extra time to devote to writing content. That’s why there are thousands of writers online doing it for people just like you. When seeking writers to contribute to your blog, consider these ways and learn how to find writers for your site.

Allow Guest Posts

Many experts want to contribute guest posts to high traffic blogs because it helps improve their brand awareness. You can benefit from them by getting new content. Just make sure any URL they want to put in a post leads to an authoritative website, and the content is high quality.

Contact Writers from Well Known Websites

When hiring a writer, you want someone who is going to do a good job. If you like a particular blog, reach out to the writer for it to see if he or she would be interested in writing for yours as well. Instead of focusing on blog owners, try finding a writer on a site that uses many authors such as Mashable.

Search for Writers on Google

A simple web search for “freelance writer” will bring up many websites that belong to professional writers. Browse some of their websites to see if any of them have experience in your niche. Send an email to some of them and ask if they are available and what their rates are for a certain number of words per blog post. When you have a few bloggers to choose from, ask to speak with them on the phone. You can then make a final decision about which one or ones you’d like to hire.

Use a Freelance Job Site

Elance and oDesk are two websites that have freelance writers waiting for work. While there are many writers who don’t have much experience, there are some that will produce quality work. It’s best to look through profiles and read the reviews other people have given the writers before you choose someone to write your content.

Order from a Content Writing Company

There are content writing companies such as Content Writers with a team of professional writers in many industries. You can order the articles you need, and then the company will have their writers write it for you.

Search Social Media

Writers use social media to market their business just like any other business owner. You can usually find writers posting links to their recent work. Follow some of those writers to see how active they are, and then send a DM to those that you want to ask about writing for you.

Place an Ad on is a popular job search site for writers. You can post a request for a writer in the writing gigs section and within a few minutes you’ll start receiving emails from interested candidates. Once you sift through all the responses, you’ll probably end up with a few that may work out well for your blog.

Create Threads on Writing Forums

Writers seek support on forums. You can usually find them on and Absolute Write. Create a thread inviting writers to contact you if they are interested in writing for you.

What You Need to Know About Hiring Writers

The process of hiring writers isn’t difficult. There are so many looking for work that you’ll probably become overwhelmed by the responses you’ll receive when you place an ad. Just know that with writing, you get what you pay for. If you choose a writer that is willing to write inexpensive content, you’ll likely receive low quality work. Professional writers have the experience and skill you need to make your blog stand out, so they charge a lot more for the articles they write. You can expect to pay .10 per word if you want someone who will give you the content that you’ll be proud to show off as your own.

Price isn’t everything though. You can find writers charging a lot of money, but their work isn’t great. When considering candidates, make sure to read through their resume, writing samples, and cover letter. If you see errors or the person doesn’t have experience writing on the same topics you want written on your blog, go to the next person. You need someone who can deliver the content you would if you had the time.

Take your time when choosing a writer for your blog. Soon enough, you’ll find one or more that will impress you. From that point, you can turn your attention away from your blog and concentrate solely on growing your business. That’s the best part of hiring someone to write your content.

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How to Use Google Fonts in WordPress

Google Fonts provides website designers a free way to make a site attractive. They are easy to download and use, as long as you follow these steps or use plugins specifically made for Google fonts.In this article you will learn how to use Google Fonts in WordPress.

First Step: Choose Your Google Fonts

Many web designers are using a combination of two Google Fonts for their sites. Go to Google Fonts to browse all the available ones. When you find one or two you like, click on “Quick-use.” Scroll down until you see the code to copy for your website. Make sure you have Standard selected because it’s the best code to use.

Second Step: Combine and Paste the Codes

If you have two fonts, combine the codes with a | character. Copy and paste this code in your header.php file. This is the head section of your theme. You should place it first in the file because it will be the first thing looked for and it could slow the loading speed if placed elsewhere in the file.

Third Step: Include the Font in the CSS File

The final step is to include the font in the font-family for your theme’s CSS file.

Adding Google Fonts with Plugins

If you don’t like fooling around with the coding for your theme, you should use plugins. They are easy to use and effective. There are three plugins that do the job.

1)Easy Google Fonts

This plugin is compatible with all themes and the newest version of WordPress. The plugin is integrated with WordPress Customizer, which allows you to preview fonts before you choose them. This is a great feature because sometimes you have to see what the fonts looks like before making a decision. When you’ve decided on a font for your site, simply choose it, and that’s it. Your site will then use that font in its theme.

2)Google Font Manager

Google Font Manager is great for beginner or advanced website designers. You can add as many Google Fonts to the plugin as you wish. Once you have them in there, you can choose the ones you’d like, which will override your theme’s default. What people like the best about this plugin is how nice it looks in WordPress. You can see the fonts and change them to see more examples. It’s easy to find one that you like the best with this plugin.

3)Google Web Fonts Customizer

With this plugin, you can change the weight, style and color of your font easily. It works with any theme you have, and it will allow you to preview the fonts before choosing them for your site. Just like the other plugins, you will not need to deal with any coding when you want to change fonts.

How to Choose Which Plugin to Use

Google Font Manager looks nice, so if that’s important to you, this one is perfect for you. When you want a simple design, choose Easy Google Fonts. It just shows you what the font looks like on a white, clean background. You can change the color to see what it looks like, but it’s nothing fancy. The Google Web Fonts Customizer is a combination of these two. It’s simple, but it’s a bit fancier like Google Font Manager.

Why Choose a Plugin Over Coding

Coding gives you more control over what your fonts do on your website. If you don’t insert the coding the right way, you risk your site loading slowly, or having the wrong font load. You could also mess up other parts of your site by accidently deleting something. Only people with experience in coding should try to add Google Fonts in this way.

Google Fonts plugins are perfect for people who don’t want to risk their theme’s functioning. It doesn’t affect the rest of the site. It just takes the font you choose and puts the code exactly where it needs to be in your files.

If you’re skeptical that a plugin won’t be able to do everything you want it to with your fonts, try it out first. If you want more customization, you can then turn to coding. By using both a plugin and manually changing fonts, you may just be able to get a unique, but attractive font on your site that will impress web visitors.