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Happy Easter Holiday – Save 35% with Easter Special

Easter is here and what better way to celebrate this super holiday than with an awesome promotion.

Whether you are a business looking for the perfect theme or just starting an online news or community site, we have a WordPress Theme to meet your needs. There’s a wide range of themes available, so start browsing and don’t miss this sweet campaign.

Another Awesome Christmas and New Year’s Promotion

Some of you have traveled far to meet with your loved ones and some of you are already with your family & friends at home. Now its a good time to get some rest for all the hard work you’ve done in 2013 and boost some energy up for 2014.

We have 2 great Holiday offers for you


Traditionally, we celebrate the Christmas festive season by lining up an awesome Christmas promotional offer on the great themes that you love. This year, we’re doubling down and offering you 2 deals!

  • Offer 1: To celebrate the holidays, we have decided to bring back our popular Black Friday deal of 40% discount on all our Premium WordPress Themes by using this coupon code “NEWYEAR”. Select a theme -> use coupon code NEWYEAR and get 40% discount
  • Offer 2: Besides the 40% off on all products, we have also decided to give you an option to bundle 5 themes of your choice for an amazing deal of $99. Click here to select 5 themes for $99

Hurry up, this offer is only valid until 11:59pm UTC on Jan 1 Jan 6, 2014. We won’t have any similar offers for quite sometime, so we suggest not to miss this opportunity. Check out our Themes page to pick your theme with 40% off or click here to select 5 themes and the redeem the cash discount that comes with it as your Xmas gift on our behalf.

Happy Holidays!

WordPress 3.8 Features

WordPress 3.8 – the newest version nicknamed ‘Parker’ – was released this past Thursday and comes packaged with some cool features that you can’t miss. Sporting the fancy new magazine-style 2014 Theme, WordPress 3.8 ushers in a new design for their Admin area as well. With changes to the dashboard, widgets, and theme selection, 3.8 brings new life to the admin experience.

Admin Revamp

With the new ”Features as Plugins” development technique, the WordPress 3.8 developers actually launched this style overhaul with the MP6 plugin. After months of testing, the MP6 changes have finally been incorporated with a major release of WordPress. While everything remains in the same place, the colors, icons, and typography are refreshing and bring new life to the now-responsive backend.


The new version even sports a flurry of color options for every personality!


New Theme Manager

Preview your themes easily with the new admin theme details.


New Widget Manager

Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly to get your widget into the proper widget zones. Featuring a 50% split between widgets and zones, the new layout is sure to make adding widgets a breeze. You can even send widgets directly to zones without dragging and dropping!

 2014 Theme

The new magazine-style 2014 Theme is a responsive beauty that can display your homepage in a grid or a slider.


Check out the new features by upgrading today! Make sure to backup your site before any major releases! Read more on What do you think about these changes? Are you impressed with the new admin UI? Let us know in the comments.

ThanksGiving & Black Friday WordPress Theme Promotion – 40% Off

The best time for WordPress deals is ThanksGiving and Black Friday.

So we’ve been told.
Black Friday 40% off Sale

Happy Turkey Day! We’re having a promotion to thank our new and existing users for another superb year of community-driven development and WordPress.

We hope you’ll be enjoying the meals and festivities while our team continues to develop robust themes and new plugins. While others are out shopping, you can take advantage of this promotion from the comfort of your own home. The long weekend and savings have just started.

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Sale! 40% Off All Themes for Gabfire’s 5th Birthday

Wow, we can barely believe Gabfire is 5 years old! It’s been an amazing journey to work on some of the coolest themes on the web, but it’s been an even greater experience to build such a great community, we really wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys! This special would have been live a week or so ago, but the team’s been busy getting smashed in different corners of the world.

We’ve accomplished a lot together, and really appreciate the love that you guys have shown us. This week-long theme special is our way of saying thanks for choosing Gabfire throughout all these years.


What’s on the Roadmap for Gabfire?

We have so many new projects in the pipeline that we can hardly get them out the door quick enough:

  • We’re refining and updating the Gabfire Framework and launching a theme next week titled BootStart. More on that coming soon.
  • Dying for full access? We’re putting the final touches on the all-access subscription pass to our themes. Yup, get all of them for a small monthly fee.
  • We loved the first Gabfire Widget Pack so much that we’re assembling another plugin for you – think Social Media!
  • We’ve got a few more hands on deck recently so expect more cool stuff coming your way!

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WordPress 3.6 Released

As of August 1st, 2013, WordPress 3.6 has landed on our dashboards!

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 11.51.18 PM

The new release, named ‘Oscar’, features a powerful new autosave, post revisions, and a new post-locking system. We covered the details of the features earlier this week.

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WordPress 3.6 is Almost Here

We all love new stuff. New car, new phone, new game, new music, and now, new WordPress!

For a while, the hype surrounding the new WordPress release focused on talks of a new Post Formats UI, but as the days grew shorter, WordPress announced that this feature would be released as a plugin instead. Though the feature won’t be integrated into the core at this time, the core team aims to add it directly to the platform in a later update (so don’t worry!).

What’s Coming

Even without the Post Formats UI upgrade, there are plenty of other features that improve the performance and overall handling of WordPress. We’ve tested the release candidate and are pleased with the additional benefits that WordPress 3.6 adds to the experience.

  • New 2013 Default Theme
  • Improved Autosaving
  • New Custom Menu Creation
  • Post Locking
  • Retooled Video and Audio Embeds

Yeah, we’re excited too.

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Gabfire Widget Pack Plugin Now Available

The Gabfire Widget Pack plugin contains 12 useful widgets to extend your WordPress site. It is a FREE plugin that will work with any theme, not just a Gabfire theme.

What’s Inside the Gabfire Widget Pack?

The Gabfire Widget Pack contains 12 awesome widgets:

  • About Me
  • Archive Search
  • Flickr Images
  • Search
  • Social Icons
  • Post Tabs
  • Author Badge
  • Feedburner Email Subscribe
  • Related Posts
  • Social Sharing
  • Gabfire Text+ Widget
  • Random, Recent, or Popular Posts

For more details on each of the widgets, click here.

Why a Plugin?

There are several reasons why we released the Gabfire Widget Pack plugin. Here are a few:

1) Contribute to the WP Community – Some of our widgets are quite popular, and we received several emails asking for the code. So rather than limit them to only the Gabfire community, we decided to package our most common widgets into a plugin that could be used by the entire WordPress community.

2) Give End-User Control – Our themes are quite robust in features and options. We found that some users took advantage of the various widgets, however some did not. Therefore, in an effort to allow the end user to decide which widgets they wanted on their site, moving the widgets into a plugin made more sense. Now, you can decide which widget to enable or disable on your site, and users can take advantage of them on any theme.

3) Less is More – There are plenty of plugins and widgets available through WordPress. Depending on your needs, some may be relevant and useful, whereas some are just extra bloat on your site. By transferring the widgets into a free plugin, our themes are lighter out-of-the-box.

Where do I download plugin?

Similar to any other WordPress plugin, you can grab the Gabfire Widget Pack plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository. Try it out. If you like it, give it a rating on the repository to let more people know about it. If you have any questions related to it, feel free to post a comment below.


Brute Force Attacks on WordPress – Tips & Plugins

I thought the widely covered brute force attacks on WordPress sites were worth discussing in case any users aren’t aware of the this hot topic.

What are Brute Force Attacks?

Unlike hacks, brute force attacks take the easier approach of consistently trying to guess your username and password. Unfortunately, this works since not all site owners have the strongest credentials, especially those who still use the dreaded default ‘admin‘ username. Since brute force attacks don’t halt after a single failed attempt, they can take a devastating toll on your server memory causing performance issues.

How can you prevent brute force attacks?

To prevent these attacks on your WordPress site, follow these precautionary steps:

  1. Do NOT use the ‘admin‘ username. Create a new user with Administrator rights. Log out and log back into WordPress as the new Adminstrator, and delete the user ‘admin‘.
  2. Set a strong password with numbers, characters, and upper and lower case letters. Unfortunately, we occasionally see site owners with passwords that either match their domain, or are simple number strings such as 123456.
  3. Protect your site using plugins. These are 3 plugins that I highly recommend – use the one (or two) that meet your needs:
  • Limit Login Attempts – does what the name says.
  • Google Authenticator – allows two-factor authentication to login to your WordPress site. For some, this may seem like overkill, but you can never be too safe.
  • WordFence – a robust security plugin with built-in firewall, virus scanning, and a premium version to block specific countries.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Now that you’re informed, spend a few minutes to protect that awesome site. While you’re at it, take out the trash, spam, and erroneous users. Any questions or comments related to these brute force attacks, just ping us in the comments below.

We’re Hiring a PHP and WordPress Developer

We are looking for an awesome PHP and WordPress Developer to join our team. We’ve got some great new and exciting projects in the pipeline and this lucky person will be actively involved in seeing them from concept to finished product. So if you’ve got the skills, love a flexible work arrangement, and just like working with awesome people, get in touch today.


Working alongside our small team at Gabfire, you will be responsible for taking on special projects and developing cool new functionality for upcoming products. If you can take a set of requirements and build something functional using finely crafted code, this job is for you. Projects may range from special WordPress theme features, plugins, to application-based functionality. To apply, you should rock at PHP / WordPres / MySQL. After all, we have to  produce awesome functionality, features and applications.

Work Details

  • Location: Anywhere – it doesn’t matter. None of us are located in the same country!
  • Time: Whenever – work at your own time, but just get things done.

Interested? If so, contact us here and tell us about yourself and what you bring to the table. More information is always better.