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Advanced Newspaper Theme Update Takes Leap Forward

One of our most popular and stable themes just took a giant leap forward. The Advanced Newspaper WordPress theme has been updated to version 2.0 and incorporates several new features based on customer feedback over the past year.

Advanced Newspaper 2.0

We promised to take Advanced Newspaper to the next level, and think it is now one of the best newspaper or magazine theme in the market. So here’s just some of the excellent features packed into the all new Advanced Newspaper theme:

Multiple Category Page Layouts

You loved the front-page, but asked for a more creative category page to capture the same feel of large newspaper sites. Well, how about 4 different possible layouts? That’s right! Your category page no longer needs to be a bland list of articles. You can select from the following layouts:

  1. Default
  2. Two-Column
  3. Media
  4. Magazine

We think this enhancement definitely differentiates Advanced Newspaper from other themes in the market. Now you can be proud to run an online newspaper or magazine that can match the look and functionality of more popular sites with much larger budgets.


Some of our customers asked for a a neat way to add more content and categories. We took that into account and revamped the mid-slider to include the ability to add more photos and categorical content.

Latest Framework Update

As part of this massive release, we updated Advanced Newspaper to the latest Source framework. This means you’ll now have even more options to . For example, there are Custom Post Types for Photo and Video, and many of the most common modules are available as custom Gabfire widgets. With all these updates, you have more flexibility to make your theme look and feel exactly as you envision.

Enhanced Navigation

Within this update we also took the opportunity to update our navigation and add in a neat overlay to engage readers. That’s in addition to the lightbox-like overlays you’ll find throughout the site for photo galleries and videos.

New Control Panel

With all these new options to play with, it was only right to equip Advanced Newspaper with a new control panel. With dozens and dozens of options to configure, you’ll find the theme control panel to be addictive. Just don’t let it distract you from writing great content.

Go Get It

If these changes peak your interest, then you need to go check out the demo or purchase the Advanced Newspaper theme. Every day your site is not online is another day you are not being found. Let Advanced Newspaper get your content front and center! This is one of the most popular and robust newspaper themes in the market. Go Get It!

Comments (47)

  1. Simon Emil Permalink Reply


    I bought this newspaper theme and I would like to ask you if I should pay separately for this update. If I could download this update for free, could you please tell me how.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Simon Emil

    • Mehmet Permalink Reply

      You do not need to purchase it again. After the initial purchase you should have received a download link to your inbox. You can use that link to get the latest version of theme

      • Alex Permalink Reply

        Mehmet, why don't you use some membership software to manage your customers, products and forums as other theme providers do? That will be very convenient for both you and your customers.

        • Mehmet Permalink Reply

          That is something in our 4th quarter plan Alex, we are going to start a membership club pretty soon.

    • Jose Permalink Reply


      I did not received the link for the download. Could I get the link please?

      Thank you very much.

      Kind regards,


      • Mehmet Permalink Reply

        It is re-emailed Jose. Please make sure to check spam box of your email

  2. Richard Permalink Reply

    Wow. I'm impressed with the improvements.

  3. Bboy Guil Permalink Reply

    Amo todos os temas do Gabfire, mas o Advanced Newspaper é o meu preferido.

  4. ontavu Permalink Reply

    Great work you've done gabfire Team. It's for sure the best magazine theme in the wordpress themes Market.

    Thank you for the updates

  5. Firman Firdaus Permalink Reply

    Wow, this is a superb update, Mehmet. And hope everything is going smooth with the membership club!

    • Mehmet Permalink Reply

      Thanks Firman. I recently read an interview about you. Membership club is in our second half targets plan and we will not miss it :)

  6. Jimmy Permalink Reply

    I just bought the theme, just wondering is there any sample data so that I can see it exactly as in the demo


    • Charlie Permalink Reply

      Hi Jimmy – submit a thread on the support forum and I'll see what I can do. Though, there are plenty of plugins that will insert dummy posts for you if that's all you want.

  7. Mots Permalink Reply

    I own the Newspaper and the Transcript themes. Do I have to pay to upgrade to the new theme? I have no idea how to find my download link from my original purchase.

    If anybody is reading this…


    Thanks for all you do!



    • Charlie Permalink Reply

      Thanks Mots! You do not need to pay for the upgrade – all theme updates are free for customers. Hit us up on the support forum and we'll send you a new download link. Appreciate the compliment.

  8. Andres Permalink Reply

    I'm about to purchase this theme and I was wondering if the featured box can be changed for a more dynamic one :) also if there is a way to add another block like the "europe – business" one, editing the code

    Im not very good at that but I get the general Idea :), would u guys give me support with this?

    • Mehmet Permalink Reply

      We might be able to help you with extra category blocks, but the featured section question is not something that we can help you with as that requires some serious theme customization.

      • Andres Permalink Reply

        I emailed you guys and sent you a graphic idea of the end result.

  9. Tom Riddle Permalink Reply

    Hi Mehmet. I'm an advanced newspaper customer. Does it now have the ability to pick off the first picture in a post and use it for a front page thumbnail. (like snapwire does)

    Thanks Mehmet,


  10. Richard Permalink Reply

    The themes are great. But, the icing on the cake is the outstanding support.

    I asked Mehmet a question by pm and he responded within minutes.

    You won't find that kind of support with most of the other theme designers.

    Thanks Mehmet for your help.

  11. Fred Permalink Reply

    Hi, wonderful theme but where are photo galleries in the articles?

    • Mehmet Permalink Reply

      Check the entries saved under Media gallery on live demo

  12. writerdave Permalink Reply

    Hey guys, I don't recall getting an email about the upgrade for Advanced Newspaper. I'd love a link.

    Question: I have done some modifications to some of the core files. If I upgrade, I guess I'll have do the modifications again?

    • Mehmet Permalink Reply

      Upgrade will cause you to lose all your modifications Dave. As for update link, we emailed you a download link right after your purchase. Using that download link you can get the latest version of theme

  13. TutsPress Permalink Reply

    Nice update and fixed's thanks Mehmet.

  14. sam freeman Permalink Reply

    If I purchase this theme, can i migrate my current posts into this theme?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Yes Sam, the entries will keep showing when you switch the theme of your site

  15. Jocelyn Permalink Reply

    Hi Again!

    I just tried my old download link and it seems to work. I downloaded version 2.0.3 is that the latest? If it is problem solved….


    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      The old download link has always access to latest available version

  16. Nirmal Kumar.M Permalink Reply

    Hi ,

    I had purchased Adv Newspaper theme few months back..

    I didnt receive the update link yet.

    Could you plz look into it..

    Thank You

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Using the original download link that we sent you right after your purchase, you can get the latest available version of advanced newspaper

  17. ric Permalink Reply

    really interested in buying this theme. Just please bare with me tho as im new to it all, would i be right in thinking the topics can be edited ie you could change 'sport' into 'dining out'?

    also is there anywhere i can see what the 'magazine' layout looks like?


    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      You can change every single category names with anything else you like Ric. As for magazine style category layout, on live demo page, click Wold News category for example.

  18. Scotty B Permalink Reply

    Wpress 3.2.1

    ANPaper template 2.0.3

    When trying to embed youtube playlist into front page it doesn't show up on I-phone but it does from desktop. Probably an html5 thing. I found a couple plugins that were supposed to work but they don't. Since the media gallery strip does work in either browser, can I modify the gallery strip to be one video screen but have several video titles to slecet from and have it as skin player on the front page? I also want to have a full size player on our dedicated video plage too. Help! Other than that this template is frinken awesome!


  19. zelot66 Permalink Reply

    Salam Mehmet.

    I purchased your theme and now it runs succesfully. One question, how do I insert video (bottom, right hand corner)?

  20. Alex Permalink Reply


    I’ve just uploaded the latest Advanced Newspaper theme (2.1.2) and it’s come up as just a basic white screen with text and none of the images. Not sure if I’m being mega dim here, but I’m not sure what to do.


    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Please submit that question to our support forums Alex. We will sort it out there.

  21. mondo Permalink Reply

    I bought this newspaper theme and I would like to ask you if I should pay separately for this update. If I could download this update for free, could you please tell me how. websitepaneli

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      If you made that purchase within 2011, we have emailed you a download link. Please use that link to get the latest version of this theme. If you bought in within this year, please login to your account at and download your theme.

  22. David Lopilato Permalink Reply

    I purchased Advanced newspaper. It is a great theme. I wanted to update if possible. In addition, I want to buy another theme.

    Yet, my password does not seem to work. I am not receiving emails from your site to retrieve password, etc.

    I’ve checked my spam blocker…no gabfire email.

    Could you please send me a non-automated link for password retrieval and a link to the advanced newspaper theme update? I’ll gladly purchase the other theme upon password retrieval.

    Thanks for all your help.

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi David, I have sent you a new password.

  23. abdullah Permalink Reply

    I just want to update my advance newspaper theme butthe download link expired already. Why? I think I entitle to update for lifetime.

    Best regards,


    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Please go to and get latest version of advanced newspaper.

  24. Cheryl Jolin Permalink Reply

    We are having issues with audio and decided to update theme, but I can not find your email to the download for the newspaper theme update. Could you please email it to me?

    • Mehmet Ozek Permalink Reply

      Hi Cheryl,
      Please submit your question to our support forums at

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